Expertise : ICO Marketing | Entrepreneur | Trouble-shooter | Strategist

About Me :

I have a 12-year experience in Marketing. I am a founder and CEO of my own projects.

I have participated in more than 60 projects in total. I have operated as a Marketing advisor, Marketing expert, and CMO in plenty of successful projects.

I am well known in the crypto world as an expert whom ideas and strategies have helped many ICO projects to hit the market and become successful.

The ICO projects are not the only direction, i am operating in. I have been involved in many projects including the startups and other major projects as well.

With the solid skills and 12-year experience in the arsenal, there is no wonder why many projects would like to engage me as a Marketing strategist in their businesses

I am one of the advisors and ICO experts of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain (IDACB). 

As an inherent working process, i have been analyzing the market and generating the tons of information regarding the marketing strategies and ways of successful implementation and have many insights of the industrial markets in general.

I truly believe that any business related problem has its solutions. There is no problem that cannot be solved, and any business idea and the business problem can be turned into the business opportunity.

Adab Solutions - Team member

Lynked.World - Team member

Humancoin - Advisor


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