Symbol : FIT

Value : 4.5 + ref

Start : 03rd Jun 2019 - End : 02nd Jul 2019

There are a lot of Sports & Fitness experts around us, but their experience has not  been well-known so far. So 300FIT want to build an ecosystem where fitness experts can grow and get diverse supports and monetize their unique exercise content. This will result in a variety of content and influencers, and will also increase the  interaction with their service users and sports companies.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to the 300FIT Airdrop Form.
  2. Join 300FIT Telegram group and Telegram channel. (Required)
  3. Follow 300FIT on Twitter. (Required)
  4. Follow 300FIT on Instagram, like and leave a comment. (Optional, +10 FIT)
  5. Watch and like 300FIT Youtube video, subscribe to their Youtube channel and leave a comment. (Optional, +25 FIT)
  6. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  7. You will receive 150 FIT ($4.5) tokens.
  8. Use the code @prahlad2019 in referral code field ($0.3 FIT)
  9. You can earn an additional 10 FIT ($0.3) for every referral.

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