Symbol : CC

Value : 100 CC

Start : 11th Apr 2020 - End : TBA

CloudCoin rewards will be paid in 100CC digital “bills.” Because of this, you need to complete at least 100CC of regular (non-referral) activities in order to receive any rewards for regular activities! 100CC is the max you can get for regular activities.


Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start CloudCoin Telegram Bot

2. Join CloudCoin Telegram group (+15 CC)

3. Subscribe to Newsletter (+15 CC)

4. Follow Twitter (+15 CC)

5. Like + Retweet tweet (+15 CC)

6. Follow LinkedIn (+15 CC)

7. Like + Share post (+15 CC)

8. Follow Instagram (+15 CC)

9. Subscribe to Youtube (+15 CC)

10. Watch “Explainer video” (+15 CC)

11. Watch “The Future of Currency Video” (+15 CC)

12. Receive 100 CC

*25 CC for every referral


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