Symbol : CNNS

Value : $2

Start : TBA - End : TBA

New Year’s Bonus from and Exchange CNNS to USDT!!
Happy New Year! Everyone! The second round bonus is coming!
CoinNess team is going to distribute 1,000,000 CNNS and 100,000 USDT between 12/25 - 1/3 0:00 (UTC+0).

How to Get CNNS?

  1. Register CoinNess App? to get 70 CNNS immediately! And don't forget to Bind User ID in bot to claim!
  2. Collect 5 CNNS by Inviting each friend to the group, and earn extra 30 CNNS by referring each friend to register CoinNess App. The more you invited to register, the easier to get more CNNS!
  3. Again, Follow CoinNess Twitter & Retweet the round 2 poster to get extra 10 CNNS, ( fill in the Form( to claim.
  4. If you haven’t claimed the reward, please add @CoinNessBot to begin!
    Tips: You can get up to 50 CNNS by inviting friends to the group. Referring each friend to register CoinNess App, the max amount of invitation bonus will be increased by 50CNNS.

How to Exchange CNNS to USDT?

Fill the Form ( to exchange CNNS for USDT once you get 160 CNNS or More. (160 CNNS=2.4 USDT) . Please submit the request before the deadline. 1/3 0:00(UTC+0)

After submitting the form, how long you can receive the bonus?

We will verify your account and transfer USDT bonus to you according to the application time AFTER ONE WEEK. If you don’t have 160 CNNS, you cannot redeem USDT.

What Kind of Situation You Can Not Get Rewards?

  1. You should have at least 160 CNNS when you make every exchanging request. If you don’t have 160 CNNS, you can not get your reward.
  2. Submit the false information in the form.
  3. If you use one mobile phone to register multiple accounts, you can only get the reward once.
  4. Inviting bot accounts into the group.
  5. Leave, banned or advertise in the group when we review your exchanging application.
  6. Use the same IP to register multiple accounts.
  7. The friends you invited should have at least one registered CoinNess App.

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