Symbol : PTON

Value : 1.6

Start : 22nd Apr 2019 - End : TBA

Foresting is a blockchain based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. They solve the asymmetry of the information that is prevalent in our society, pursues fair contracts, distributes them according to their ability, and shares active contributions with one another.

Foresting is airdropping 10 Berry and 1,000 PTON tokens to their community members. Sign up at their pre-registration event, visit their airdrop form, and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 1,000 PTON tokens. Foresting is already listed on CoinMarketCap and trading on Bittrex.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Sign up at Foresting pre-registration event.
  2. Visit the Foresting airdrop form.
  3. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  4. You will receive 10 Berry and 1,000 PTON tokens.

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