Symbol : GMRX

Value : 250 GMRX - $25

Start : 15th Feb 2020 - End : TBA

Join the Gaimin Airdrop now and earn 250 free GMRX tokens with an estimated value of $25 USD. Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free GMRX tokens.


Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start Gaimin Telegram Bot

2. Join Gaimin Telegram group (mandatory, +50 GMRX)

3. Follow Twitter + Retweet one tweet (mandatory, +50 GMRX)

4. Like Facebook (optional, +30 GMRX)

5. Follow LinkedIn (optional, +30 GMRX)

6. Follow Medium (optional, +30 GMRX)

7. Subscribe to Youtube, like + share one video (optional, +30 GMRX)

8. Join Telegram channel (optional, +15 GMRX)

9. Follow Twitter #2 + Retweet their review about Gaimin (optional, +15 GMRX)

10. Submit EOS wallet address

11. Receive 250 GMRX - $25

*30 GMRX for every referral

Please do not use any exchange wallet address

– You can use Scatter for desktop to create an EOS wallet
– You can use Atomic walletImtoken etc. for Android/iOS

You need to deposit at least 0.756 EOS to create an EOS account. This is a standard EOS process


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