Symbol : PRV

Value : 9 PRV

Start : 20th Sep 2019 - End : TBA

The Incognito mobile wallet that allows you to privately store, send and receive all your crypto assets. Turn on privacy for your BTC, ETH, DAI and more.Meet Node, a little helpful gadget that earns Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and more for processing crypto transactions confidentially.

1. Start Incognito Telegram bot

2. Join telegram group and channel 

3. Follow  on Twitter ?Optional? 

4. Like on Facebook .?Optional? 

5. Follow on Medium .?Optional? 

6. Follow on Reddit.?Optional? 

7. Download wallet on Android

8. Or download wallet on IOS 

9. Submit Incognito address and details. 

10. You will receive $9 PRV tokens. 

* Get $5 PRV for each referral.

Token will be distributed on October 15th.

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