Symbol : IOST

Start : 21st May 2019 - End : 05th Jun 2019

CoinGecko & IOST is giving away 28,000 IOST!
CoinGecko & IOST will be teaming up to host a giveaway of 28,000 IOST! In addition, IOST will also be giving away free accounts & airdropping up to 200K IOST tokens for people to try out IOST Dapps! CoinGecko is currently an IOST partner node and is more than happy to support the cause.
For the next 15 days from 21/5/2019 (12:00 GMT+8) tilll 5/6/2019 (12:00 GMT+8), 16 lucky winners who participated in this Giveaway will be walking home with a total of 28,000 IOST!
Complete the following steps to stand a chance to win in this Giveaway! The more steps you complete, the greater your chance to win!

1st place: 7,000 IOST

2nd place: 5,000 IOST

3rd place: 3,000 IOST

4th - 16th Place: 1000 IOST each

A person cannot be drawn more than once. By providing your email address, you agree to be subscribed to CoinGecko & IOST’s newsletters. Winners will be contacted via email and will be sent IOST via the IOST address provided. Failure to provide an address will result in forfeiture of the prize.

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