Symbol : TELE

Value : TBD

Start : 26th Jan 2019 - End : 24th Feb 2019

MiracleToken is already listed on several exchanges and is being actively traded. MiracleToken aims to connect advertisers with influencers and viewers directly without the need of a third “middle man” in between to do a job that can be automated and thus save a lot of money in commissions. The platform, instead of making heavy cuts to people’s payouts aims to distribute the revenues earned in a fair and transparent way.

MiracleToken is a next-generation decentralized video sharing platform that provides a fast, secure and easy way to exchange videos and films.


  1. Register on Miracle Tele website.
  2. Verify your mail.
  3. After verification, you will receive a code and a password to log in.
  4. On dashboard, Click on "tokens" >
  5. click on "stack" >
  6. "Add tokens to the stack".
  7. Note that you need TELE tokens to join the holders reward. If you joined previous airdrops, you should have TELE tokens on your account.
  8. Current monthly rewards rate is €2.10 for every 100 TELE that you stack.
  9. The status of your tokens should update to ''Earning rewards''.

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