Symbol : OMNIS

Value : 24.6 + Ref

Start : 13th Feb 2019 - End : 19th Mar 2019

Omnis-Bit, the only project designed to bring people closer to the cryptocurrency's world. Omnis-Bit is airdropping $24.6USD to its community members.


What is project? 

It's a blockchain-based project, OmnisBit is the token that brings everyone closer to the cryptocurrencies's world with its services in a safe and easy way. Above all, it guarantees real earnings! Save your time, Earn for real.


Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Register on the website, verify your account. 


2. Follow Twitter, retweet the last post


3. Follow us on Facebook, share the last post


4. Subscribe to our Youtube channel


5. Join our Telegram group


6. Join our Telegram Channel


7. Submit all your details and ethereum wallet to the form


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