Atomic Wallet

Symbol : AWC
Value : $1.7 + ref
Start : 01st Nov 2018

Description :

Atomic Wallet offers a multi-asset custody-free wallet with atomic swap exchange and a decentralized orderbook.

Atomic Wallet is airdropping 50 AWC tokens to users who install their wallet. Download the wallet and sign up for the airdrop to receive 50 AWC tokens. Also get 25 AWC for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the Atomic wallet and install.
  2. Click on “Airdrop” from the wallet dashboard.
  3. Submit your email and enter “XMRHD” in the promo code section and signup.
  4. Verify your mail.
  5. You will get 25 AWC tokens and another 25 AWC tokens if you enter “XMRHD” as a promo code.
  6. Refer your friends with your own promo code that you will receive via email and get 25 AWC for every referral.
  7. The tokens will be distributed to your Atomic Wallet.

Requirement :