Symbol : IDAP
Value : $$6
Start : 29th Nov 2018

Description :

Idap Round 3 airdrop is worth 200 IDAP tokens (~$ 6) and 200 IDAP tokens (~$ 6) for every referral.

About Idap

Idap is the first self-contained ecosystem for the cryptocurrencies derivatives trading market. Contained within this ecosystem are the Idap Exchange, the Idap Desktop App with advanced trading tools and most importantly, crypto derivatives instruments by Idap, for trading and investment. Idap is rated 4.0/5 onICObench.

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How to join Idap Airdrop?

  1. Sign up to the Idap Airdrop platform.
  2. Verify your Email & Login.
  3. You have earned 200 IDAP tokens.
  4. Share your referral link to earn 200 IDAP tokens for each referral. You can find your referral link under ''Affiliate''.
  5. Tokens will be transferred to your IDAP exchange wallet after the exchange is launched.


If you use the ''CLAIM AIRDROP'' button below to claim the Idap Round 3 Airdrop, it will automatically show on the main page with a purple check mark. So you can easily track which airdrops you joined and which ones you need to join.

Requirement :