Symbol : SOIN
Start : 01st Apr 2019
End : 07th May 2019

Description :

Songin Chain High-performance open commercial blockchain based in songin consensus and referendum.
You can get up to 1250 Soin tokens by joining our airdrop.
and 300 Soin for eash valid referral.
1 Soin=$0.004 1250 tokens per person.

1. Start Telegram Bot
1. Join Songin official Telegram group.
2. Follow Songin official Twitter page.

3. Enter your active Email ID
4. Submit your ETH wallet address and email.

5. Get up to 1250 SOIN tokens
6. You can get 300 SOIN for each confirmed referral.
7. Tokens will be distributed after IEO.
Please stay active and talk after joining,This way you will get the token.
Note?We will check all your completed tasks. Unfinished will not get any tokens. 
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Requirement :

  • Telegram