Ubecoin (Round 2)

Symbol : UBE
Value : $18.8
Start : 07th Mar 2019

End : 04th Apr 2019

Description :

Ubecoin (UBE) is a medium of exchange used within their ecosystem and allows for a secure, private and decentralized method of confirming and conducting transactions within the network. Ubecoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that can be utilized as a medium of exchange between business merchants, consumers and speculators in a new blockchain globally.


  1. Go to the Ubecoin Airdrop Form.
  2. Join Ubecoin on Telegram.
  3. Follow Ubecoin on Twitter and retweet this tweet.
  4. Post your Proof of authentication in this Bitcointalk Thread.
  5. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  6. You will receive 75 UBE


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Requirement :