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VTR airdrop

V Trust

Symbol : VTR
Value : $26
Start : 16th Jan 2019
End : 15th Feb 2019

Description :

After realizing the complexity of the challenges that most need to overcome and the steep learning curve before they can enter diligently into the cryptocurrency industry, the V-Trust development team created V-Trust.


  1. Start the V-Trust Telegram Airdrop Bot
  2. Pass the Captcha Verification by selecting the emoticon which looks similar to the image.
  3. Register on the V-Trust Website and submit your e-mail address. (+250 VTR)
  4. Join the V-Trust Telegram Group. (+125 VTR)
  5. Join the V-Trust Telegram Channel. (+125 VTR)
  6. Follow V-Trust on Twitter and re-tweet the pinned tweet. (+125 VTR)
  7. Like V-Trust on Facebook. (+125 VTR)
  8. Subscribe to the official V-Trust YouTube. (+125 VTR)
  9. Submit your ETH address.
  10. You will receive 875 VTR tokens. For every successful referral you can gain an additional 125 VTR tokens.

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Requirement :

  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Mail
  • Facebook