Symbol: CHSB value: $16.6 Start: TBA - End: TBA

SwissBorg is a fintech based in Lausanne Switzerland. Having raised $50M with its ICO in 2018, SwissBorg is building a crypto wealth management platform.

What if you could get 2 airdrops in 1 app? Play and enjoy this bitcoin app along with more than 40K community members. Here are just some of the benefits you get by downloading this not-for-profit SwissBorg Community app:

Earn Bitcoin: The prize pool for this app goes up to $500,000 worth of BTC shared among 20,000 of the most active users.
Earn SwissBorg tokens by playing and unlocking badges. Up to 1750 CHSB tokens per player.
– Refer other people to earn points to increase your total ranking.


Step-by-Step Guide:

Download the SwissBorg App for Android/IOS.

  1. Play & predict: Earn your share of up to $500,000, in Bitcoin (BTC).
  2. Unlock achievements and collect badges to earn 50 CHSB tokens for every level you reach.
  3. Share: Get your referral code from the app and you (and the referee) earn 3000 points when your friends sign up with your code.
  4. The more points you have, the higher rank you get and therefore the bigger the prize you will receive when the airdrop is over.

When making a forecast you are betting with points. Points do not have any value but they help you to get a higher rank. Points cannot be traded on exchanges or sent from one account to another.


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