Symbol : BLVD

Value : 3.500.000 BLVD

Start : 23rd Oct 2019 - End : TBA

Get PAID to Outsmart Traffic

BLVD is a tokenized community mapping and navigation ecosystem that includes real time traffic, hazards, and even police reports. Join drivers in over 35 countries earning cryptocurrency tokens and digital collectibles every time they drive!
Earn BLVD (ERC-20) by contributing to the ecosystem, earn BLVD Digital Collectibles (ERC-721) rewards and achievements, use BLVD Collectible Map Styles (ERC-721) to customize your in-app experience!
Tap into Augmented Reality with BULVRD IQ to earn more BLVD for every mile, as well as for every street level insight captured!
Announcement Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5108457.0

BULVRD Bounty Program

This program will outline a bounty program to roll out the BLVD token.
This bounty program has an allocation of 3,500,000 BLVD tokens.
All BLVD token payouts will be done on a bi-weekly basis.
This program will run until December 15th 24:59 GMT or until all allocated tokens are sent.

In-App Token Rewards

The BULVRD Drive app currently supports various means for earning extra BLVD for helping grow the community. This includes the following:
1. Use referral code AutjcuFmGI when you first setup / install the app to get 7 BLVD tokens
2. 7 BLVD per new user join using your referral code (Find in your Profile or About screen after setup)
3. 1 BLVD for each automatic social share made (Twitter) when making a road report (hazard, traffic, etc)

Get the BULVRD Drive app : https://bulvrdapp.com/#app

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Twitter Retwitter

You can earn BLVD for Retweeting specific Tweets from the @BULVRDapp account. This thread will be updated with each as they become available. You must have over 250 followers to qualify.
35 BLVD for each Retweet
Submit your Retweets here! : https://forms.gle/WdLKnhLKpEbh58BC9

Youtube Content Share (3+ minute video)

A given Youtube content creator who has over **1500** subscribers can create one video per week, for up to 6 weeks. This should include your experience of interacting with any of the BULVRD ecosystem offerings. Including BULVRD Drive apps, website, digital collectibles, or BLVD OpenSea marketplace listings.
1. 1500 - 7500 Subscribers
    - 2500 BLVD
2. 7501 - 15500 Subscribers
    - 5000 BLVD
3. 15501+ Subscribers
    - 10000 BLVD
Submit your Youtube video here! : https://forms.gle/WXXAzFmLPvfSEg467

Local Leaders

To help grow localized communities, local leader program will help have knowledgeable drivers in a given area helping grow their local community.
25 Local Leader spots available
Dedicated group chat channel to your area in BULVRD Discord
Moderator rights in your channel
25 BLVD bonus per new user join (in Leader area using Leader referral code)
Capped at 2,000 join bonuses (IE 50,000 total BLVD bonus for new joins)
Please Click here to apply! : https://forms.gle/nfZKSASknccQmLX79

Rideshare Program

We are looking to continue our relationship with rideshare / last mile delivery drivers to help optimize for your day to day use. To qualify you will need to drive at least 4 hours on any given day, and be willing to provide feedback for each day of use.
500 BLVD per 4hr day of driving
Submit your daily driving feedback here! : https://forms.gle/4NzuLPjJtY9KpKgA8


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