Symbol : BUC

Value : 22 Million BUC For Share

Start : 07th Feb 2020 - End : 29th May 2020

What Is BuschCoin (BUC)

BuschCoin is part of the AMOC ecosystem. AMOC is a multiplayer online cannabis trading card game with a big seed market in behind.

Goal of funding: 300 000 EUR

Token Sale


1 BUC = 0.0042 EUR

BuschCoin bounty campaign total allocation is 22 Million BuschCoin token for share

BUC Successfully Listed On Kcoinpro.com
You can Trade BUC To USDT From Here  

Token Distribution 

Facebook Campaign----:-20%
Twitter Campaign---..:-30%
Telegram Campaign----:-25%
Youtube Campaign-----:-25%

1. Must join our Official TELEGRAM GROUP and BOUNTY GROUP
2. BuschCoin reserves the right to adjust the reward amount, depending on the number of applicants in each of the bounty campaigns.
3. Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (ie Wrong eth address , etc)
4. Stakes will be calculated internally
5. When bounty ends, you will have 2 WEEKS for Complaints or any issue.

Make new post for every weekly report, Don't edit the old one.

All Participant Must have Proof of authentication

The week is from Friday to Thursday evening at 23:59.(The duration of the campaign will be till 16 Week)

week:1 (07/02-13/02)



Until 16 week

Official website







Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us Facebook, LinkedinPinterest, and Twitter to receive new airdrops!

1.Follow the Official BuschCoin Twitter.
2.You must have at least 500 followers.
3.You need to make at least 3 retweets (and 5 likes per week.)
4.No more than 2 retweets each day.
5.Make at least 2 tweets and maximum 5 tweets per week about BuschCoin It must link (NO OTHER LINK) , must include hashtag(s) like (#buschcoin #ico #tokensale #BUC #investment).
6.Twitter audit should be more than 90% of real subscribers, most of them have to be people interested in cryptocurrency.

1. 500 - 1500 Followers : 1 Stakes per Week
2. 1501 - 3000 Followers : 2 Stakes per Week
3. 3001 - 5000 Followers : 4 Stakes per Week
4. 5000+ Followers : 6 Stakes per Week

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1.Follow the Official BuschCoin Facebook.
2. You must have at least 500 real friends to be approved.
3. Your Facebook account needs to have at least 90% real followers. The number of friends must be public.
4. Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
5. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
6. You have to Minimum 3 share and like And Make 2 Original Post About BuschCoin (BUC) It must link (NO OTHER LINK) , must include hashtag(s) like (#BuschCoin #Ico #tokensale #BUC #investment)

1. 500 - 1500 Friends : 1 Stake per Week
2. 1501 - 3000 Friends : 2 Stake per Week
3. 3001 - 5000 Friends : 4 Stake per Week
4. 5000+ Friends : 6 Stake per Week

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1.The Video must be created by you.
2.Your title must include the words "BuschCoin"  and "BUC"
3.Only accounts with at least 100 subscribers are allowed.
4.You must have at least 20 views before being accepted.
5.The video should talk about the BuschCoin project positively.
6.I will attribute the shares to the quality videos, a perfect quality of the sound and the image are required.

 1. 100 - 500 subscribers - 10 Stakes
 2.  501- 2000 subscriners - 20 stakes
 3.  2001 - 5000 subscribers -40 Stakes
 4. 5000+  subscribers - 50 Stakes

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1. Only one reward per Telegram and Bitcointalk user.
2. You must be active in the Telegram group at least once per week. If you are inactive, we reserve the right to remove you from the BuschCoin telegram Campaign.
3. Using multiple accounts, cheating, or spamming are not allowed and will result in termination of your bounty stakes.
4. Posting links or information to other projects or businesses will result in a ban and earnings forfeited.
5. We reserve right to make some changes to any rule or rules of this campaign anytime.
6. You must remain part of BuschCoin Telegram groups until Bounty ENDs.


1. Join our official BuschCoin group and bounty group : Get 5 Stake
2. Wear ourAvatar : Get 5 Stake
3. Add "Your Name Get 5 Stake

4. Post About buschcoin on crypto related Group Get 1 Stake Per Post

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