Symbol : CHE

Value : 50,000,000 CHE

Start : 25th Mar 2020 - End : 02nd Jun 2020

CryptoHarbor Project
Twitter Bounty Campaign vol.5


Total 50M CHE Tokens
Campaign date: March 25, 2020 - June 02, 2020
Dear, community members, supporters and readers.
We are pleased to announce our new campaign.

"CryptoHarbor Project Twitter Bounty Campaign vol.5" is live now!!
50,000,000 CHE tokens are alloted to this campaign.
Please support to spread our project - CryptoHarbor Project - around the globe.
This campaign goes like below.

Official website




Telegram Channel

Telegram Group


CryptoHarbor Exchange

Official ANN Thread

CHE token

CHEX token

CryptoHarbor Exchange

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CryptoHarbor Project Twitter Bounty Campaign

Total distribution for this campaign: 50 million CHE token.

CHE will be listed on some exchange at the end of May.
Campaign date: March 25, 2020 - June 02, 2020

Week 1 Mar.25 - Mar.31
Week 2 Apr.01 - Apr.07
Week 3 Apr.08 - Apr.14
Week 4 Apr.15 - Apr.21
Week 5 Apr.22 - Apr.28
Week 6 Apr.29 - May.05
Week 7 May.06 - May.12
Week 8 May.13 - May.19
Week 9 May.20 - May.26
Week 10 May.27 - Jun.02


The stakes given vary depending on the number of followers

100 to 250 followers = 3000 stakes / Week
251 to 500 followers = 4000 stakes / Week
501 to 1000 followers = 5000 stakes / Week
Over 1001 followers   = 7000 stakes / Week
*The campaign will be end ahead of schedule when the number of distribution reach 50M CHE.

1. Register CryptoHarbor Exchange
   *You need CryptoHarbor Exchange ID to participate in this campaign.
2. Twitter account must be atleast 3 months old.
3. Follow CryptHabor Project Twitter account
4. Minimum 100 followers to qualify.
5. Minimum 3 retweets & like per Week.
6. Twitter campaign will run for 8 weeks starting December 02, 2019 until March 02, 2020.
Bounty token will be distributed soon after end of the campaign.
*Weekly report must be posted on or before monday.

Twitter's retweet share needs to be reported by every monday with this user's name to this bounty program thread
*Format example for Weekly report

Week 1
Twitter username:
Twitter profile link:
Retweet links:

Bitcointalk post links
Token thread:
Exchange thread:
When you are ready to report, please fill above format then post on this thread.

Application method
Please fill out this form and submit it.

Progress spreadsheet coming soon...


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