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Start : 12th Aug 2019 - End : 01st Nov 2019

Introducing EZ365 -  A revolutionary digital asset ecosystem that combines the best aspects of online gaming, cryptocurrency trading and blockchain education.  Our ecosystem is made up of three integrated and complementary platforms:
EZ Win - A robust digital asset casino developed with blockchain technology principles where users can be assured that they are playing on a provably fair system. The casino will offer betting on sports such as soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, boxing/MMA, horse racing, F1 racing, and more. It will also offer traditional casino games such as: Bingo, Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, slots, etc. E-sports betting will also be available.
EZ Exchange - A digital asset exchange that is helping to facilitate the mass adoption of digital currencies by putting traders first, with robust customer support, industry leading security, regulatory compliance and a user-friendly interface.  The platform is being built by a team of infrastructure experts and developers who have extensive experience in blockchain, digital assets and traditional stock market security.
EZ Academy - A complete institution of higher digital asset learning that will cover instruction in a wide variety of topics throughout the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our vision is to make digital assets easy for beginner and advanced users alike.

Bounty Information :
Help us spread the word about the EZ365 ecosystem throughout the crypto community and earn EZ365 tokens any of our 9 Bounty Program campaigns!
There are a total of 2,000,000 EZ365 tokens allocated to the EZ365 Bounty Program.  The tokens will be distributed to Bounty Program participants on the EZ Exchange platform after the bounty program concludes and all stakes have been finalized. 

Bounty Program Rules and Details:

. Participants can access their tokens on EZ365’s cryptocurrency trading platform, EZ Exchange, and will be required to sign up for an account to receive their Bounty rewards.

. Participants must use the same email address that they used to sign up for the Bounty program to register for an account on EZ Exchange. Bounty rewards will be credited to the EZ Exchange under the email used for the Bounty Program.

. All participants must be at least 18 years old.

. KYC will not be required for either the exchange platform signup or participation in this bounty program. Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency transactions on EZ Exchange do not require KYC. Participants who wish to trade their Bounty rewards and withdraw fiat will be required to complete KYC.

. The Bounty Program is not open to citizens of the following countries: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and South 


How Do Rewards Work & What are ‘Stakes’?
In the EZ365 Bounty Program, all participating Bounty Hunters will receive ‘stakes’ each week for the work submitted that adheres to the program’s Rules & Guidelines. At the conclusion of the Bounty Program, each participant will be rewarded a portion of the EZ365 tokens dependent upon the proportion of their stakes compared to the total stakes awarded in each campaign. Stakes don’t have a fixed value; instead, they represent an entitlement to a fraction of the total reward pool.
For Example: If Mary participated in the Content Creation campaign, and earned 12% of the total awarded stakes by the conclusion of the campaign, she would be entitled to (0.12 x 125,000) = 15,000 EZ365 tokens total when the tokens are dispersed.
All of the awarded stakes for all 9 campaigns will be tracked on this spreadsheet. Stakes will be awarded in the following week. There will be active running statistics for each campaign on the spreadsheet, but keep in mind that these may not accurately predict the likely full reward until all of the stakes have been awarded. The statistics are used to track the progress over the course of the Bounty Program.

General Campaign Participation Guidelines
1. All participants are to join the EZ365 Community & Bounty Program Telegram groups. You must remain in both for the entire duration of the Bounty Program to qualify for rewards.
2. User must reply to this thread with a copy of this Proof of Authentication below filled out for all campaigns they wish to be apart of before filling out the designated application forms for each campaign.

3. Fill out the designated application forms for each campaign separately, these are found by clicking the Apply button at the end of each campaign’s section. Users must ensure that they enter on the form the post number from their ‘Proof of Authentication' post on the thread to verify their Bitcointalk account matches their application. (See below images).

4. Participants must wait until they receive approval from the Bounty program team, which will be stated on the Bounty Program spreadsheet before starting tasks for stakes in each individual campaign. User’s can check their status by checking ?Here?
5. Participants for most campaigns will be required to submit a weekly report sheet post in order to receive stakes for their participation in the campaigns. These forms will be found under the guidelines for each campaign and must be posted to this bounty thread by Sunday 11:59 pm EST each week in order to receive stakes. 
6. The Bounty program team will aim to update the spreadsheet stakes within 3 - 7 days of the weekly report. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Bounty Staff in the EZ365 Bounty Telegram group.

Terms And Conditions
~ During the Bounty Program, the Bounty Program Manager (@Cryptotiff) and Bounty Telegram Community moderators will be available to provide assistance to participants in the Bounty Program Telegram Community.
~ Participants must not make any reference to the EZ365 Bounty Program in any posts or content created in participation of any of the campaigns unless it is prior agreed upon with the Bounty Manager.
~ Individuals may only participate with one account in any individual campaign. Those caught unfairly farming any campaign by spamming, botting or cheating the campaign with multiple accounts in any way whatsoever will be disqualified from participation in the program and may lose their prior awarded stakes.
~ We are focused on delivering a high-quality, and community-driven marketing effort with this program. The Bounty Management team reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason if they suspect they might produce negative or low-quality marketing for the project. (For example: accounts that regularly produce low-quality spam that regularly doesn’t foster engagement likely will be rejected).
~ Please ensure that you follow all the rules of any crypto community spaces and platforms you share content to. We cannot accept responsibility if you are banned from communities due to unknowingly breaking the rules of any such communities.
~ The Bounty Manager reserves the right to edit rules, token allocation, structure and bounty allocation at any time if necessary. Any such changes will be announced here in this Bounty Thread.
~ Individuals must apply to each campaign separately. These applications are linked at the end of each campaign section.
~ All participants will be required to submit a weekly form to this BitcoinTalk Thread by Sunday 11:59 MST each week in order to receive credit for their stakes. This form can be found in the information for each campaign. 
 Do not quote your previous reports, you must submit a new report each week. Also do not edit any old reports as we will not check these.
***These rules here are not a complete list, the complete detailed rules for the entirety of the EZ365 Bounty Program including each individual campaign may be found

Whiter Paper



Signature Campaign :

Help EZ365 reach a global audience by wearing our signature campaign and avatar on the BitcoinTalk Forums.
400,000 EZ365 Tokens (20%) have been allocated to the signature campaign. There is also an opportunity to earn 25,000 bonus tokens.

Terms and Conditions

. Participants must have at least ‘Junior Member’ status on the BitcoinTalk (BCT) Forum.

. All posts must be created while the participant has the EZ365 signature corresponding to their designated member status (Junior member/Full member, etc) and the EZ365 Avatar on BCT Forum.

. If a participant removes the signature or avatar at anytime during the campaign, they will not receive stakes in subsequent weeks.

. Participants must follow all the BCT Forum rules of the boards posted in. These rules are pinned to the top of the board by BCT moderators.

. If a participant's member status increases during the signature campaign, they must update their signature and inform the Bounty Manager on Telegram to receive the additional stakes.

Post Guidelines

. Participants must publish at least 10 posts/week in order to receive stakes for that week.

.Posts must be made on at least 3 out of 7 days of the week in order to receive stakes.

. Posts must contain at least 75 characters in order to be counted towards the weekly post requirement.

. Posts cannot be spam and must pertain to the topic being discussed in the thread it is posted in. Those who spam for post count could be disqualified from the campaign.

. Posts made in any of the 'Other' categories of BCT boards will not count towards the weekly post count requirement

Twitter Campaign :

Twitter users who focus on sharing insight and news about cryptocurrency can help EZ365 reach a global audience by liking, retweeting, and creating your own Tweets!
Reward Allocation: 300,000 EZ365 tokens have been reserved for the Twitter Campaign.

Terms & Conditions

. Participants must have a Twitter account that is at least 4 months old, reputable and in good standing. To qualify, accounts should have an 85% score from TwitterAudit Score (https://www.twitteraudit.com/).

. Participants must ‘Follow’ the EZ365 official Twitter account.

. The goal of the campaign is to achieve high-value and useful exposure for the EZ365 project. If your Twitter account is of low quality or regularly posting spam, your application will be denied. (Spam indicators such as bounty, bounty hunter, follow for follow requests, etc)

. Tweets must use at least two of the following hashtags:

1 of these primary hashtags: #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange

1 of these secondary hashtags: #Massadoption #IEO #MakingCryptoEasy #CryptoForAll #PlayTradeLearn

. Participants are advised to retweet content from the EZ365 Official Twitter.

. Any users caught using multiple accounts, bots, and other deceptive means to participate in the bounty will be blacklisted. You must be an active and regular Twitter user.

Tweet activity requirements:

. Minimum 2 tweets & 2 retweets per week.

. Maximum 1 tweet/retweet per 4 hour period, 2 tweets/retweets per day.

. Users may also get credit for stakes for retweeting tweets from any ongoing EZ365 Retweet promotions as well.

. Participants must post the weekly report form in the BCT Bounty Thread.

Telegram Campaign :

Help EZ365 thrive by being a regularly active, and passionate community member in our Telegram Community, or by posting about EZ365 in your Telegram group.
Rewards Allocation: 150,000 EZ365 tokens have been reserved for the Telegram Campaign. There are also 25,000 bonus tokens that can be won by the most active participants.

How to Participate.
Part 1: Active Community Member Guidelines.

. Participants are to be active in the EZ365 Community Group Telegram by engaging other community members or team members in the group chat.

. User’s messages in the community chat will be tracked by a bot, and each week participants will be able to see their total number of messages and stakes awarded.

. The goal is to foster a friendly camaraderie (a spirit of friendly good-fellowship) within the Telegram community. This is accomplished by engaging the team or other community members in discussion about the EZ365 project.

. Participants must follow all the rules of the telegram channel pinned, and heed any guidance/warnings of the Telegram group admins/moderators.

. Users spamming unconstructive messages, outside links, or off-topic are likely to have messages deleted by admins. Deleted messages will not count towards weekly message count.

. Any user’s who get banned from the Telegram group will be disqualified from the campaign.
Examples of topics to engage about include:

. EZ Win.

. EZ Exchange.

. EZ Academy.

. Questions about the IEO (Initial exchange offering).

. The project’s roadmap.

. Recent news about the project.

. Any constructive feedback about the ecosystem.

. Help answer others questions
*** If specific participants regularly stand out in the group, the potential may exist that we could recruit participants from this campaign for paid moderator/community manager role(s) for the EZ365 community. To stand out, individuals should learn the EZ365 ecosystem in-depth, start helping other community members, and regularly foster productive discussion within the group.

Part 2: Telegram Crypto Group Administrators

. Participant must be an admin of a Telegram Announcement group (Read-only) that is focused on Crypto-related topics.

. Maximum 2 posts a week per Telegram group.

. Participants should write about the EZ365 project in detail, and should include: links to the EZ365 website, telegram, and medium articles, Youtube videos, or any other official content relevant to the post. Posts should also make mention of the Initial Exchange Offering (Token Sale).

. Participants must post the weekly report form in the BCT Bounty Thread.

Facebook Campaign :

Help EZ365 reach a global audience by both sharing our official Facebook posts, and by creating your own quality posts about our project.
Reward Allocation: 150,000 EZ365 tokens have been reserved for the Facebook Campaign.

Campaign Guidelines

. Participants must follow EZ365’s Facebook page.

. Participants will like all official EZ365’s posts and share them based on current (less than 14 days old) EZ365 materials.

. The goal of the campaign is to achieve high-value and useful exposure for the EZ365 project. If your Twitter account is of low quality or regularly posting spam, your application will be denied. (Spam indicators such as bounty, bounty hunter, follow for follow requests, etc).

.Posts must have the following hashtags:
1 of these primary hashtags: (#EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange) & 1 of these secondary hashtags: (#Massadoption #IEO #MakingCryptoEasy #CryptoForAll #PlayTradeLearn)

. Unconstructive comments and posts will not be counted. The decision on the relevance of comments and posts will be at the discretion of the Bounty Program Manager or Community Manager.

. Participants must post the weekly report form in this BCT Bounty Thread.
Post activity requirements:
~Minimum 2 posts and 2 shares per week
~Maximum 1 posts/shares every 4 hours and 2 posts/shares per day.
~At least one unrelated post must be posted between each post/share. (Don't post shares/posts in succession, it looks spammy)
~Posts must have their privacy settings for their posts set to Public to allow maximum for maximum visibility of posts.
~Posts must have at least 2-4 sentences of user's own unique words either informing readers about the EZ365 project, or sharing their opinion, and link to the EZ365 website, and tag EZ365's Facebook page (by typing @Ez365, and clicking EZ365) so that users get directed to a place they can find more information about the project.
~Shares must have at least 2-3 sentences of user's unique words giving feedback about the specific EZ365 post that is being shared before sharing post.

Content Creation :

We are looking for experienced content writers to help spread the word about our project and token sale by writing articles/reviews on different content platforms such as Medium, Steemit, Uptrennd, Bounty0x, and others platforms as part of the bounty program.
Reward allocation: 250,000 EZ365 tokens are reserved for the Content Creation Campaign. There is also 25,000 bonus tokens that can be won by the 10 best ranked participant submissions. 

Content Guidelines

. Participants are to write about the EZ365 ecosystem. (Topics to mention could be talking about: EZ Win, EZ Exchange, EZ Acadamy, The Initial Exchange Offering, feedback on the team's background, token economics, the project's potential and vision, project professionalism, etc.)  

. All articles must contain a link to EZ365’s website, and contain links to the Telegram Announcement channel, and Community so that readers can easily find additional information after reading your content.

. Content that contains inappropriate or inaccurate information will not be eligible for the Bounty Program. The Bounty Manager will be available to make suggestions after content is submitted however.

. Only original content will be accepted.  Participants who copy someone’s content will be immediately disqualified from the Bounty Program. Content originality will be checked by using antiplagiarism.net.

. Users are permitted to use graphics/diagrams from the EZ365 website and whitepaper in their submitted content
Content will be rated on a quality scale as good, very good, exceptional, & rejected.

. Users with rejected content has one opportunity to receive feedback and resubmit their content to receive stakes the following week.

. Content must contain at least 350 words minimum, participants will be more likely to receive a higher quality rating for going above the minimum requirement.

. Articles should be properly formatted.

. Drafts will be reviewed by the Bounty Manager, who will provide approval to publish.

***Submissions are to be submitted using ~This form~***

Youtube Campaign :

We are looking for talented Youtube content creators or Podcast hosts to create review videos to help spread the word of all things EZ365.
Reward Allocation: 350,000 EZ365 Tokens have been reserved for the Youtube Campaign. There are also 25,000 bonus tokens to be awarded to the top 10 ranked video submissions.

Sponsorship Info
EZ365 is planning on sponsoring a handful of Youtuber and podcast hosts for either interviews with our CEO Russell Korus or high-quality reviews. Any sponsorship deals will be negotiated by the Bounty Manager and Chief Marketing Officer.  Sponsored videos will be entitled to an additional negotiated reward separate from the Bounty program. (Sponsored video creators also qualify for Bounty Program stakes). Sponsored content may be shared on EZ365’s official social media channels. Content that is sponsored doesn’t require an individual to ‘shill’ the project, but instead requires user's to have a certain degree of established professionalism evident, and a decent regular audience. The sponsored media content will aim to provide an informative, professional and more personal type of media that allows individuals to get a good feel for the team and the overall vision of the project. Any individuals interested in a sponsorship are directed to inquire about it in the EZ365 Bounty Telegram

Youtube Video Guidelines

. Videos must be at least 3 minutes long.

. Videos must be approved by Community Manager in order to qualify for the bounty program.

. Participant must make use of an actual human voice for their video, meaning no video’s with text to audio software will be accepted.

. your video should contain a link to the official EZ365 website, Twitter, and Telegram channels in the video description.

. Topics to include could be talking about: EZ Win, EZ Exchange, EZ Acadamy, The Initial Exchange Offering, feedback on the team's background, token economics, the project's potential and long-term vision, project professionalism, etc.

. Videos must receive a minimum of 250 real views in the duration of the bounty program.

. All videos will be rated based on quality and popularity and receive stakes from both categories.

. Popularity will depend on the number of subscribers a user has to their channel.

. Quality Ratings: Good, Very Good, Exceptional, or Rejected.

. A number of bonus tokens will be reserved for content creators that go above & beyond that will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. This content may be potentially shared on various EZ365 social media outlets

Users are to submit videos submissions to the following form: >>Click here<<

Translation Campaign:

EZ365 is looking for experienced translators to help translate our Bitcointalk Ann, Whitepaper, and additional content to other languages. Additionally, we are also seeking backup translators or individuals who can confirm the quality of previously submitted translations 
Reward Allocation: 200,000 EZ365 tokens have been allocated to the Translation Campaign.

Required Languages

Language ListTranslator (BCT Username)Quality Assurance/Backup Translators)
Higher Priority:

Lower Priority


Translation Guidelines

. Users must have prior experience doing translations for other cryptocurrency projects.

. Participant’s translation must be original. Participants who use Google Translate, or other . . . . .automated software for their translations will be automatically disqualified from the Bounty Program.

.Translations must be accurate, of high quality, and must best retain the style of the writing depicted in the English version of the original text.

.Quality of the translations will be confirmed by another experienced translator for proper grammar and accuracy.

. If an experienced individual has already reserved a specific language for translation, an additional individual will likely be appointed to confirm the accuracy of submitted translation. If the translation is of very poor quality, the new applicant may be picked for the role for that specific language.

. EZ365 may possibly have a need for other documents to be translated or the accuracy of other translated documents to be confirmed outside the scope of this Bounty campaign.

. There may also be an opportunity for participants who translated a high priority language, and has shown interest and passion for the project to be considered for additional roles such as a Community Manager if the need arises. - Reach out to the Bounty Moderators/Manager in the Bounty Telegram to inquire about this opportunity.

Reddit Campaign :

EZ365 is looking for active Redditors to help spread the word of our project. By engaging in quality discussion on the EZ365 subreddit and posting about the project in other crypto-related and appropriate subreddits, we hope to build a thriving community on the platform.
Reward allocation: 100,000 EZ365 tokens are reserved for the Reddit Campaign.


. Your Reddit profile must have at least 100 karma points.

. You must subscribe to our subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/EZ365/)

. Users will receive stakes for upvoting EZ365 posts during the campaign, making constructive comments on posts, or creating their own posts about the EZ365 platform in other popular subreddits.

. EZ365 posts are posted by moderators on the subreddit.

. Users must make at least 25 comments, and 5 posts overall throughout the whole campaign.

. Users are not to delete their comments/posts during this campaign.

. Posts must follow all the rules of the subreddit they are posted in.

. Posts must be constructive and on-topic. Low-quality posts/comments, spam, and off-topic . . . posts are strictly prohibited and make face potential disqualification if it occurs too often.

. Comments on posts must be 75+ characters long, and be relevant to the topic of the post.

. User must submit report weekly to Bounty post on the BitcoinTalk Forum. Always create a new report post. Do not edit old reports, or post reports in quotations

Graphic Design :
We are looking for individuals with a passion for digital design to submit creative materials for EZ365. Get recognition and be rewarded for your creativity, as we may use some participants designs in future social media content. 
Reward Allocation: 100,000 EZ365 tokens have been allocated to the Graphic Design Bounty. The 10 best ranked submissions will also win from 12,500 bonus tokens. 

Most participants shall plan to submit designs that are 1200 pixels x 675 pixels or 1024 x 512, this header size is the most commonly utilized for social media posts and will offer the greatest likelihood for being useful in

. Designs should be an original design that incorporates the use of the EZ365 logo.

. User’s can add the text ‘Announcement’ to their header, but should also submit an additional graphic without this text in case.

. User may add user the slogan text ‘Play, Trade, Learn’ or ‘Revolutionary Digital Asset Ecosystem’ in their design.


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