Symbol : HUPAY

Start : 22nd Jul 2019 - End : 22nd Sep 2019

HUPAYX, the multi-crypto wallet for everyday people, is now having a live giveaway campaign to promote the launch of its Beta App on Google Play Store. To celebrate, we are giving away 30 Apple Store gift cards in the value of $399 each! 15 people with the most referrals, along with 15 randomly chosen participants will receive this awesome reward.
Prize Distribution:
* We are giving away 30 Apple Store gift cards, 1 gift card to each of the 30 winners, in two separate giveaways:
Referral giveaway: 15 referrers who have the most referrals will each receive an Apple Store gift card.
Random giveaway: 15 users will be chosen from a random drawing of qualified participants, each receiving an Apple Store gift card.
* 1 Gift Card is worth $399 (the price of iPad mini) For a chance to win an Apple Store gift card, here’s what you must do:
Download the HUPAYX App (ANDROID only, sorry! no iOS at the moment) at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.humanplus.hupayx
Launch the app and Register using either your email address or phone number. 
NOTE: You must register the same email/phone number in the following steps with the bot and in the Google Form.
Register with the BOT
You will receive an email with a link inside which you must click to verify your email address.
Fill up this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX7XlD-9qNwcbP8LcgUHTUb9h1DqJhSwZNQ4yTN9w2Deg3bA/viewform
Take a screenshot of the application and share it on HUPAYX Telegram group https://t.me/hupayxofficial
All the above-mentioned steps are MANDATORY to be eligible to participate in the campaign.
If you have any questions, please join the Jarvixx Rewards group to ask: https://t.me/jarvixx
General Terms:
1. Only Android users can download the app (IOS is not supported at the moment). If you have an iOS mobile phone, you can’t participate at this stage, but keep checking to see when it’s available!
2. Valid referrals are referred users who complete ALL mandatory steps mentioned above. To qualify in the referral giveaway, you need a minimum of 10 valid referrals.
3. The random giveaway drawing and shuffle will be live or recorded.
4. The campaign will run one month.
Sign Up Process for the Bot:
1. Click the following link: BOT
2. Press the START button on Telegram
3. Give consent as per GDPR
4. Send full name
5. Submit email
6. Enter Ethereum address
7. Confirm information and agree to terms
8. Check email with link and instructions
9. Click link in the email to enter Telegram with bot
10. Press the START button on Telegram







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