Symbol : ISINA

Start : 05th Aug 2019 - End : 30th Sep 2019

ISINA Music bot provides you an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without much effort.
You can get ISINA tokens by performing easy tasks!
The event will take place from August 5 until September, 30.
Each participant in this Airdrop program will receive ISINA tokens. 
Max. participant quantity: 25,000.
Estimated Value ($): 120,000.
1. PLEASE DO NOT MENTION AIRDROP/BOUNTY ON TELEGRAM CHAT. ONLY DISCUSS THE PROJECT/ICO DETAILS (Any questions about airdrop ask here - https://t.me/RoyalTeamBounty)
2. Stay a subscriber until the end of the ICO
3. You must leave at least one constructive message to get tokens. We don't count such messages as We don’t count such messages as “Hi”, “Good project”, “Joined” and so on.
4. Each task must be completed using the official ISINA telegram bot - https://t.me/isina_music_bot
5. Upon reaching a required number of participants(25,000) registration will be closed.
6. Terms and conditions of the bounty campaign are subject to change; please monitor this topic for the updates.
7. Using multiple accounts, spam, bots etc. is strictly prohibited, all violators will be banned.

Required Conditions :

1. Join to the group and Share phone number. Revard: 15 ISINA tokens.

Link:  https://t.me/isina_music_bot

After completing the required conditions, the rest of the tasks will be available to you










Referral Program Campaign :

1. Invite a friend who joins the group and shares a phone number (attempts is unlimited).

Revard: 15 ISINA tokens.

2. Invite a friend to complete any task (attempts is unlimited).

Revard: 10 ISINA tokens.

Link: https://t.me/isina_music_bot


Facebook Campaign :

1. Like Facebook page.Revard: 5 ISINA tokens.

2. Repost Facebook page.

Revard: 5 ISINA tokens.

Link: https://t.me/isina_music_bot


Twitter Campaign :

1. Follow on Twitter.

Revard: 5 ISINA tokens

Link: https://t.me/isina_music_bot


Linkedin Campaign :

1. Subscribe Linkedin page.

Revard: 5 ISINA tokens

Link: https://t.me/isina_music_bot


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