Symbol : ISP

Value : 37,500,000 ISP

Start : 18th Mar 2020 - End : 29th May 2020
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Ispolink is the World's First Matchmaking Job Platform leveraging Blockchain and AI technology that intends to disrupt the recruitment industry. By offering a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution, Ispolink is going to solve one of the most pressing challenges which business face when it comes to talent acquisition. We intend to empower companies operating in the Blockchain and IT domain to fill their positions by providing them a full spectrum of tools to conduct and manage in-house the entire recruitment process efficiently, eliminating the need of intermediaries.


Bounty Information
The Ispolink Signature campaign commences on 6th of March and will last until 29th of May. The duration is 12 weeks. Please refer to the bounty spreadsheet to see the dates comprising each week. For bounty related queries 

1. Total Signature Campaign Pool: 37,500,000 ISP Tokens
Distribution: The Ispolinktokens will be distributed in 2 batches after official listing.

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  1. Rules
    1. Write authentication post in this thread about joining the campaign, after that click the "Join Bounty" button.
    2. All the participants must join. You must stay in the Group until the end of the campaign calculation to receive your stakes otherwise your stakes will be forfeited.
    3. You need to join the telegram group or unless you not be accepted from the campaign.
    4. Users who use multiple accounts will be banned from the campaign.
    5. All types of Spammers, Cheaters can't participate. Red-trusted by DT members can't participate.
    6. Wear and keep correct signature for your rank until the end of the campaign, We will make an announcement on when you can remove your signature, usually after finishing calculating of rewards in spreadsheet.
    7. Copper Members accepted as usual Member rank.
    8. Posts should be longer than 150 characters without spaces. Messages shorter than 150 characters are not counted.
    9. Post in Off-Topic, Archival, Games and Rounds, beginners and help, Politics & Society, and posts in any bounty and signature campaign threads will not count as eligible.
    10. Inactive for more than 3 weeks will result in disqualification
    11. Make 15 quality posts per week.

    1. Jr. Member: 50 Stakes/week
    2. Member: 100 Stakes/week
    3. Full Member: 200 Stakes/week
    4. Senior Member: 450 Stakes/week
    5. Hero/Legendary: 600 Stakes/week
    6. Avatar with Personal Text: 200 Stakes/week


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