Symbol : NVT

Start : 02nd Sep 2019 - End : 01st Dec 2019

We are pleased to announce our Bitcointalk signature campaign. 
This is an easy way to earn yourself some extra NovaTokens as we continue to develop our platform. 
Please read all campaign rules thoroughly as violation of these rules will result in immediate termination from the campaign.
NovaToken (NVT) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. We are a blockchain gaming company that aims to turn every game into a blockchain game. 
All a game developer has to do is plug into Nova's API and their game gains access to an in-game tournament organizer, marketplace to buy and sell digital items as well as an NFT creator tool (non-fungible token). 
The project is championed by a group with considerable background in both gaming and blockchain, each with a unique story to tell and passion for the sector. 
We are aiming to release our platform to the public by the end of 2019.
Budget: 50,000,000 NVT have been allocated for signature campaign payouts
Member: 1 stake/week
Full Member: 2 stakes/week
Sr. Member: 4 stakes/week
Hero Member: 6 stakes/week
Legendary: 10 stakes/week
Full Member and above accounts have the option to add one of the two official NovaToken avatars to their Bitcointalk Profile to receive an additional 1 stake/week.
Rules, Terms, and Conditions :
1)   You must keep your signature from the time of signing up until the end of the campaign. 
Removing your signature code prematurely for any reason will disqualify you from receiving any payouts. 
Once the campaign has officially ended on December 1st, 2019 you may remove the signature code or keep it as we’ve hoped to have gained you as a follower by then!
2)   You must post a minimum of 5 times per week on Bitcointalk. This will be checked along with signature presence multiple times daily.
3)   Posts must be a minimum of 75 characters long. Any posts shorter than this will not count towards your total.
4)   Any posts found to be off-topic, low quality, copy/paste, etc will not be counted and may disqualify you entirely from the campaign. 
If you are caught spamming you will be reported to Bitcointalk administrators. 
The goal is to spread the word about NovaToken and start constructive, meaningful conversations.
5)   Any posts in meta, marketplace, bounties, or local boards are not counted towards your post total.
6)   Users with negative feedback or trust from a Default Trust list member on the forum may not join the campaign under any circumstances. 
7)   Newbie and Jr. Member accounts are not eligible to participate.

How to Sign Up :
1)   Add the applicable signature for your rank in to your signature space. Add the optional avatar for an additional 1 stake/week if you’d like.
2)   Post one time on this thread using the following template:
3)     If accepted - you will receive a PM from me at which point you can begin posting for the campaign. If denied - I will reply to you on this thread with the reason(s) why.
Your Bitcointalk profile link can be found by clicking your username on a previous post you’ve made. Please copy the entire URL in to this field which should look something like this https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=122434
Participant List can be viewed at any time and will be updated regularly and manually here:
We reserve the right to modify these rules as we see fit, either loosening them or making them more stringent to prevent abuse. We will not modify rules which decrease the amount of payout to participants. All participants will be paid proportionally based on the date they joined, their final stake count, and total user stake count.
Signatures and Avatars
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Avatar 2: 







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