Symbol : PLAN

Value : 1,500,000 PLAN

Start : 20th Sep 2019 - End : 24th Nov 2019

PlanChain is a next generation Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management Platform (patent pending) that is powered by the PlanChain (PLAN) utility token and the VechainThor Blockchain. The PlanChain platform will utilize DLT and blockchain technology to help manage, protect, and monetize IP assets in innovative ways. The PlanChain platform offers blockchain-powered IP asset management solutions in the areas of copyrights, trademarks, and patents.
PlanChain is one of the few projects in the industry that will have utility before the public sale round. Thus, participants in our pre-sale and TGE will be able to use their PLAN utility tokens on the MVP of the PlanChain platform immediately after receiving their PLAN tokens. The PlanChain team is working towards a launch of the Proof of Ownership Engine (MVP) of the PlanChain platform during the pre-sale or node rounds of the TGE (and prior to the public sale round). PlanChain will be the first Vechain ecosystem project to provide discounts/bonus to Safe Haven node holders. The first node round that will be conducted after the pre-sale round will offer discounts/bonus to BOTH Vechain X-Node holders (VET) and Safe Haven node holders (SHA).
We hope you join us in this journey to revolutionize IP asset management around the world using DLT and blockchain technologies.

Bounty Details

PlanChain has allocated 1,500,000 PLAN tokens (~$30,000 USD) to this bounty campaign!
This bounty campaign has fixed token rewards and will run until Saturday, November 24th (23:59 Midnight CST), or until all tokens have been assigned as rewards!
All rewards will be distributed shortly after the Token Generation Event (TGE) comes to a conclusion. However, bounty participants will be able to use the PLAN utility tokens received from the bounty campaign in the MVP of the PlanChain platform, which will be launched before the TGE is completed.

This bounty campaign consists of the following 6 bounties:

1. Telegram Bounty

2. Newsletter Bounty

3. Twitter Bounty

4. Reddit Bounty

5. YouTube Bounty

6. Content Creation Bounty

General Rules

1. All participants must join the PlanChain Telegram Group before participating in the other bounties.

2. All participants must complete the KYC Registration process on the PlanChain website to receive any reward.

3. To participate in a bounty, fill out the corresponding Google Form under each bounty to submit proof of the work.

4. The PlanChain team reserves the right to change the rules, qualifications, or rewards for any bounty.

5. All rewards will be transparent in this Google Spreadsheet every week by Sunday, 23:59 Midnight CST.

6. Using fake/multiple accounts, spamming, or plagiarizing content is prohibited and will result in a disqualification.

7. Publish a Proof of Authentication in this Bounty Program thread with the following format

Important Disclaimer:

The affiliated $USD cost per bounty reward is an estimated value of the PLAN utility token and is based on the approximate cost per token in the token generation event (TGE).  The value may be different when tokens are released.  Bounty participants can use the PLAN utility tokens received from the bounty campaign in the MVP of the PlanChain platform, which will be launched before the TGE is completed.

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Telegram Bounty

All participants must join the PlanChain Telegram Group before participating in the other bounties!
100 PLAN (~$2.00)
How To Join:
1. Join the PlanChain Telegram Group
2. Post at least one constructive question or insightful post about PlanChain before bounty campaign ends
3. Fill out the Telegram Google Form
1. At least one message/question is required during the length of this bounty campaign
2. Take some time to understand PlanChain, its products and its goals before posting
3. Must remain in the Telegram Group until all rewards have been distributed

Twitter Bounty

250 - 750 Followers: 50 PLAN (~$1.00) per retweet
750 - 1499 Followers: 100 PLAN (~$2.00) per retweet
1500 - 4999 Followers: 150 PLAN (~$3.00) per retweet
5000 - 9999 Followers: 200 PLAN (~$4.00) per retweet
10000+ Followers: 250 PLAN (~$5.00) per retweet
How To Join:
1. Follow PlanChain's Twitter account
2. Like and post a quoted retweet with the following hashtag: #PLAN_TGE
3. Fill out the Twitter Google Form
1. May only retweet once a day
2. Max of 3 retweets will be accepted each week
3. Max of 30 quoted retweets total
4. Must have a minimum of 250 Twitter followers
5. Each retweet must be a quoted retweet with the #PLAN_TGE hastag
6. Twitter account must not be suspended at any time during the bounty campaign

7. Retweets must not be deleted at any during the bounty campaign
8. Must fill out the Twitter Google Form for each quoted retweet

Reddit Bounty

250 - 500 PLAN (~$5.00 - $10.00) per post
How To Join:
1. Subscribe to the PlanChain Subreddit Group
1. Make a constructive and insightful post about PlanChain in any crypto-related subreddit
1. Fill out the Reddit Google Form
1. Max of one post a day
2. Max of 2 posts will be accepted each week
3. Max of 10 Reddit posts total
4. Must post in a crypto-related subreddit with at least 10000+ members
5. Posts should contain links to PlanChain's Website and Telegram Group
6. Posts must receive at least 1 upvote to remain eligible for a reward
7. Posts will be judged and rewarded based on originality and quality of content
8. Posts with any type of plagiarism will not be accepted
9. Reddit Accounts must be 4 months old prior to the start of this bounty campaign


750 - 15000 PLAN (~$15.00 - $300.00)
How To Join:
1. Publish a high quality video about PlanChain on YouTube
2. Videos can be a review of PlanChain's project, its products, or any kind of educational purposes connected to PlanChain
3. Fill out the YouTube Google Form
1. Video must be at least 3 minutes long
2. YouTube channel must have over 500 subscribers
3. Video must receive a total of 20 likes or comments
4. Video must be in English and clear to understand
5. Must include links to PlanChain's Website and Telegram Group in the description
6. Videos will be judged and rewarded based on originality and quality
7. All videos will be reviewed at the end of the bounty campaign
8. Max of one YouTube video per person


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