Symbol : SMI

Value : 5

Start : 11th Sep 2019 - End : TBA

Welcome on board, Bounty Hunters! Take part on Bitcoin Enhanced bounty and get Saver Tokens as rewards!
Bitcoin Enhanced tokens represent a return to the basic principles of sound investing, not just with the natural harmony of the Phi Algorithm but in the way they operate.  It's the first of a new asset class called Self-Managed Investments (SMIs)
Follow all the steps in SMARTDROP #1 and get $5 in form of ETH.
Simple actions - easy reward, support Bitcoin Enhanced right now!
Time frame:
Only the first 90 participants.
Mandatory-  ALL bounty participants are required to join Bitcoin Enhanced’s Telegram group: and social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Youtube.
1. Check your participation in the spreadsheet: SPREADSHEET
2. Make authentication post with the bitcointalk/telegram nickname.
3. For the bounty campaign-related concerns kindly join this group In the main chat can't be questions with regards to the  bounty campaign! Thank you!
Key ICO data

1.Company / Project Name   Bitcoin Enhanced

2.Company Legal name   Forecast Services Limited

3.Founder | CEO    Branton Kenton-Dau

4.ICO Token Name / Symbol   XBE (waves)

5.Token Price:  As per website





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