Symbol : XLR

Value : 16 XLR

Start : 02nd Dec 2019 - End : 16th Dec 2019

About Solaris

A decentralized, open source, blockchain platform focused on innovation and advancement of technology. XLR is the native coin that drives the value proposition and services offered in the Solaris ecosystem.

Txbit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange from Solaris team, built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability and speed. Txbit is proudly made in the Netherlands and headquartered in Estonia. Trade XLR, BTC, ETH and other popular cryptocurrencies. Link your Solaris staking address to receive 50% of the Exchange Net Transaction Fee.

Requirements and Rules

Every member above Full Member willing to join must wear the signature and the avatar.
- Make sure to reply with a #Proof of authentication post and apply using the #number in the application form.
- Your posts should contain at least 70 characters.
- You must wear the signature until the round ends.
- Your posts must be related to the topic.
- If we findout that you are using multiple accounts, you will be excluded and reported to the mods.
- We only accept good quality posts, we won't tolerate any spammer joining this campaign.
- Only Members/ Full members/ Sr. Members / Hero and Legendary are accepted.
- You must reach 10 posts weekly in order to get your reward.
- Posts on our main thread aren't counted.
- There is no need to post proof of posts, they will be checked automatically.
- No more than 4 posts in a day, you should not spam the forum, spread your posts on 4 days at least.
- We might run the campaign for a longer period, it depends on the response of the community and the results.


Member - 4 XLR per week - 15 People maximum
Full Member - 8 XLR per week - 15 People maximum
Sr. Member - 12 XLR per week - 10 People maximum
Hero/Legendary Member - 16 XLR per week- 10 People maximum

Bounty Rounds

The Bounty will run for 2 weeks initially, with a possibility of extension.
Payments will happen the next day a round ends, 10th and 17th of December respectively.

Week 1: 2nd December - 9th December
Week 2: 9th December - 16th December


Every participant must reply to the bounty's thread with an authentication post. Then use the number of that post in the application form.

Get XLR wallet address from Txbit.io exchange or download Solaris Core wallet from www.solarisplatform.com

Official Website




Trade on Txbit.io

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