Symbol : STAN

Value : 1,000,000 STAN

Start : 04th Oct 2019 - End : 17th Oct 2019

We are launching our bounty campaign, which will last for 4 weeks . To find out more about our project, you can follow the links above.
0.1% of all Stan Wold's tokens are available for these campaigns. There are 1,000,000 STAN tokens available for this bounty.

The value of the STAN Token is as follows

Round 1 - 10/03 - 10/10 = $0.25 / STAN
Round 2 - 10/10 - 10/17 = $0.50 / STAN
Round 3 -10/17 - end  = $0.75 / STAN
The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format:
Blog Campaign: 25%
Facebook Campaign: 15%
Twitter Campaign: 15%
Translation Campaign: 40%
Telegram Campaign: 5%
Youtube Campaign: Unique.






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1. Blog Campaign:

Blog must be at least 1 months old
Articles must have proper grammar and must be readable
Blog must be visible to the public
A link to the Ann thread and Website must be present in the text.


200-500 words: $30 dollars in tokens
500-1000 words: $50 dollars in tokens
1000 words <:  $70 in tokens

2. Facebook Campaign:

Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow this page
Must have at least 1000 real friends/followers.
Maximum of 10 paid shares weekly


2 STAN per share.

3. Twitter Campaign:


Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow account.
Must have at least 1000 real followers.
Maximum of 10 paid retweets weekly


2 STAN per retweet
4. Translation Campaign:


One reservation per person
Translations must be original.
The ann thread, White paper and Website must be done.


Spanish: 400 STAN
German:  400 STAN
French: 400 STAN
Italian: 400 STAN
Chinese (Whitepaper and ann thread only): 400 STAN
Japanese: 400 STAN
Korean: 400 STAN
Hindi: 400 STAN
Indonesian: 400 STAN
Romanian: 400 STAN
Vietnamiese: 400 STAN

5. Telegram Campaign:


No spamming.
Must stay in the group until the end of the bounty.


$1 per join

6. Youtube Campaign:

Video Campaign


You must have at least 300 subscribers on youtube.
Video must be in English.
The overall quality of the video must be high. Speaker's voice has to be clear and the video quality should be a minimum of 360p.


The rewards will be different for each blog and will be done by the STAN team. Some factors that will increase payment is quality, number of subs, number of likes and video length. If you want an estimate of rewards, please open a Telegram discussion with @ogeos on the Stan World channel.



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