Symbol : MIXS

Value : 1500

Start : 22nd Sep 2020 - End : 22nd Oct 2020

Thank you for your interest in Streamix Bounty Program
We're giving away 1500 MIXS tokens to Bitcointalk
members who love to participate in bounty programs.



Streamix.io DeFi Social media & Streaming

Additional Rules
1. Create an account on https://network.streamix.io upload your content and share.
2. Payment addresses will NOT be changed after the submission.
3. Any kind of Euphemistic Or Inoffensive behavior when promoting Streamix will result in Quick Entitlement from the bounty campaign.
4. The campaign manager's decisions are final.
5. This bounty program is brought to you by https://streamix.io. It's void where prohibited by law. Streamix reserved the right to terminate this bounty program without notice; however, any completed tasks will be rewarded according to our criteria listed above for your review. All rights reserved. Visit: https://streamix.io to learn more.

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