Symbol : TOKO

Start : 23rd Aug 2019 - End : 18th Oct 2019

General Rules :      
1. All users must join the Tokoin Telegram Community and Tokoin Telegram Channel

2. You must remain in groups until the end of the bounty to qualify for rewards. Note that all questions, queries and support requests should be asked in the bounty support group> here <<, do not PM the bounty managers with questions.

3.One account per person, anybody caught farming the campaign, spamming, botting or cheating the campaign in any way will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason.

4. The bounty managers reserve the right to edit rules, token allocation, structure, and bounty allocation if necessary

5. The bounty managers reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason if they suspect they might produce negative advertising for the project

6. Do not quote your previous reports, you must create a new report every week, do not edit old reports as we will not check these

Bounty Details:
Help us spread the word about the TOKOIN in the crypto-community, and be rewarded!
1. Token Pool: 582,000 TOKO tokens (equivalent to $31,428 USD if computed with the base token price of US$ $0.054/TOKO).

2. 110,000 tokens will be distributed to successful applicants of the Quora, Telegram, LinkeDIn, Reddit

3. Participants from Tokoin's other Bounty Programs can also join and participate in this Bounty.

4. Bounty hunters need to participate in all 4 Campaigns (Quora, Linkedin, Telegram and Reddit ) to be eligible

5. Newly made accounts are accepted.

6. Weekly Report should send every week (GMT+0)

7. This bounty starts on August 23, 2019 and Live 8 week.

8. We have the right to require KYC prior to token distribution

Quora Campaign :

Follow Quora (Tokoin Official)

Requirements:(10 stakes/week)
- Follow us https://www.quora.com/profile/Tokoin-Official-1
- Ask Tokoin a question by going through the profile (once a week)
- Answer our posted questions (once a week)
- Upvote our answers

Register Here


Linkedin Campaign :

Follow LinkeDIn (Tokoin Official)

Requirements:(10 stakes/week)
Follow https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokoinofficial/
Comment on the posts
Post or share updates related to Tokoin and use any of these hashtags
#TokoinID #EmergingMarkets #Tokoin4MSME #Business #Blockchain #Technology #SmallBusiness #SME #MSME #Cryptocurrency #ETH #BTC

Register Here


Telegram Campaign :

Follow Telegram (TOKOIN) 

(20 stakes/week)

Join our Global Telegram Channel: https://t.me/TokoinGlobal

Also our Announcement Channel: https://t.me/tokoinUpdates

Engage on our Global Telegram (5 times a day)

Active member that helps answering questions and initiating conversations with other members (additional 50 stakes each week)

Posting about Tokoin(indirectly) on other telegram groups with at least 1,000 members (5 stakes per working link)

Register Here


Reddit Campaign :

Follow Reddit (TOKOIN)

Requirements:(10 stakes/week)
Follow https://www.reddit.com/user/TokoinOfficial/
Join https://www.reddit.com/r/tokoincommunity/
Upvote posts in Tokoin’s subreddit
Comment on posts (additional 1 stake each comment)
Post on other crypto subreddits about Tokoin (additional 5 stakes each post)

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Ambassador Campaign :

Tokoin Ambassador Program (per country)

 Proposed Overall Budget: 472,000 TOKO (price is based on $0.054/TOKO)

1. The Ambassador should know how to speak fluent English.

2. Has its own local community.

3. Has considerable amount of social media followers (1,000+)

4. Who can offer more services like translations, marketing proposals, local media posts, etc.

5. Proposed Countries:  

 China - 2 Ambassadors  

 Vietnam - 2 Ambassadors

 Malaysia - 2 Ambassadors

 Philippines - 2 Ambassadors  

 UAE - 2 Ambassadors

 Russia 2 Ambassadors 

 Indonesia - 3 Ambassadors

 South korea - 2 Ambassadors 

Register Here

Terms and Conditions

Ambassadors are required to provide weekly output or specified task, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) .

1. Translated Whitepaper on local language. (must be completed within 2 weeks) 
2. Posting articles on local crypto media website (once per week) 
3. Dedicated Bitcointalk translated ANN thread 
4. Create, Manage, and Grow local Telegram channel for Tokoin 
5. Create a local public facebook group. 
 SPREADSHEET HERE                          
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