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Start : 28th Aug 2019 - End : 30th Sep 2019

VIPGAME is so excited to launch its website: https://vipgame.io
VIPGAME uses the EOS transaction hash to generate its results, ensuring absolute fairness to all players.
Users now can choose to play on PC or Mobile.
More about vipgame.io in this thread<<<
1. YouTube account with 300+  subscribers can participate in this event.
2. Video duration 1-2 minutes, English, high-quality video and audio - minimum quality 480p (video must be 16:9 format)
3. The video must be original. Plagiarism, copying or translating existing content will not be considered acceptable.
4. The video title must contain more than three words: "VIPGAME", "winning" (or win), "bitcoin casino", "casino", "lottery", "roulette", "DICE", "lottery" ", "Crypto", "BTC", "ETH", "EOS", "Bitcoin", "Gambling", etc.
5. The official website link (https://vipgame.io/) must be included in the video description/short description.
6. Only official logos are allowed in the video, no other watermarks.
7. The Youtube account must be lively and active. If we believe that your account is fake, there are cheating, inactive or robot accounts, you will not be accepted.
Failure to meet the above conditions will not be paid.
*All videos participating in the promotion, we have the right to download and publish on our YouTube channel or other platforms.
Bounty :
The minimum prize is 0.1 ETH - up to 5 ETH. Limited to 50 people.
(Consideration criteria: video quality, subscribers, viewing volume)
Level 1: Basic completion 0.1-0.5 ETH
Level 2: Excellent quality, excellent expression, and large viewing volume 1 ETH--3 ETH
Level 3: Perfect quality, surprise level, YOUTUBE superstar, viewing volume 10000+, 3 ETH--5 ETH
2.Settlement time:
All participating videos will be counted at the UTC-24:00 on September 30, 2019, and will be settled within the next week.
If you delete the video during this time, you will not be rewarded.
2. - First, fill out https://forms.gle/qzrX8LGJCtHkdfRW7  ;
    - Apply for airdrops and record videos;




Youtube Campaign :

Fill in the registration form: https://forms.gle/qzrX8LGJCtHkdfRW7
To meet the YOUTUBE subscription number of 300+, you can register.
You can apply for a 0.0005BTC airdrop for the demo video, please contact the telegram group admin.
Registration: https://vipgame.io/
Attention: https://twitter.com/vipgameio
Join the telegram: https://t.me/vipgameio


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