MYGA Money

MYGA Money Bounty

Symbol : MYGAvalue : 170,000 MYGAStart : May 16, 2022End : Jun 10, 2022



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Please Submit your Report only end day of the week (Only Thursday/Friday Forum time); Otherwise you will get no stakes. Create a new post to submit your Report.

Bounty details

Myga Money is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with MYGA tokens.
20,000 tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Pool. Total USD Value $170,000  

The Bounty campaign will last for 4 week

Week 1 (14 May - 20 May)
Week 2 (21 May - 27 May)
Week 3 (28 May - 03 Jun)
Week 4 (04 Jun - 10 Jun)

Bounty reward will be Divided below sections,
- Section A: Twitter campaign (40%)
- Section B: Video Campaign (30%)
- Section C: Article Campaign (15%)
- Section D: Discord Campaign (15%)

Mandatory Rules
- If you Submit your work report without applying, your stakes will not count;
- Must join our Discord group;
- Must join Bounty telegram group;
- Must follow us on Twitter;
- Do not use multiple Accounts and Do not use a Neg trust account;
- Newbies are welcome for all campaigns;
- Do not request to change wallet address without hacked issue;
- We reserve the right to remove you from our campaign without explaining why we removed you;
- The team can decide anything to increase/decrease rewards depending on the participants,
- Each Week will end Friday at 23:59 (Forum Time)
All campaign Application Form
- Post a reply before join campaign -


Bitcointalk username:
Discord username:
Telegram username:
Which campaign you joined:
BSC wallet address: [/b]

Twitter Campaign Apply : CLICK HERE
Video Campaign Apply : CLICK HERE
Article Campaign Apply : CLICK HERE
Discord Campaign Apply : CLICK HERE

Rules of Twitter Campaign:
- Follow our official Twitter page;
- Minimum 1000 followers need to join this campaign;
- Your profile must be public, Otherwise you will be removed;
- Must Retweet & likes 2 post every week from our official page;
- Make 2 post every week with " #MYGA #MYGAmoney #MultiYieldGeneratingAsset #BEP20 #BSC"  ;
- Your Twitter account must be old 3 months;
- TwitterAudit score at least 70% will be accepted.

#1000-5000 Followers: 5 Stakes per week;
#5001-10000 Followers: 10 Stakes per week;
#10000+ Followers: 20 Stakes per week;

Rules of Video:
- Minimum 500 Subscribers need to join our campaign
- Subscriber must be public;
- Video minimum length 2 minutes;
- You must have at least 100 views before being accepted;
- Your title must include the word MYGA MONEY. And Use hashtag #MYGA #MYGAmoney #MultiYieldGeneratingAsset #BEP20 #BSC;
- Video quality will be good;
- You can use any language & Be sure it will noise-free. Bot/Robotic Voice not allow;
- In the video Description must add Our Website, Bitcointalk thread, Twitter link, and Discord link;
- Maximum 2 videos will accept for one person;
- You will add your Bitcointalk username and Profile link in Video Description
Youtube Video Rewards
#Good Quality: 1 Stakes;
#Better Quality: 2 Stakes;
#Best Quality: 3 Stakes
500-5000 (Extra 1 stakes)
5001-10000 (Extra 2 stakes)
10000+ (Extra 3 stakes)

Rules of Article:
- Content Must be original;
- Your blog will be Crypto related. Telegraph, Blogspot, and WordPress (free blog) will not accept;
- The article must be up to 500 words;
- We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website you choose to publish your text on must be at least 2 months old and must have user activity.
- Content must be in English
- Maximum 2 content will accept for one person;
- Must add Our Website, Bitcointalk thread, Twitter, and Discord link into your content;
- Must add your Bitcointalk username and Profile link in your content;
Content Rewards
#Good Quality: 1 Stakes;
#Better Quality: 2 Stakes;
#Best Quality: 3 Stakes

Rules of Discord Campaign:
- Must join our Discord group, If you not join our group you will get 0 stakes;
- All Participants must invite 5 of their friends to discord group or not get eligible for reward;
- Positive message in MYGA Discord Group 5 times every week;
- Posting message with hastag not allowed;
- Do not spam into Discord group;
- Submit your work End of week (Thursday/Friday Forum time)

Campaign Spreadsheet/Master Spreadsheet (Participants List)

Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us Facebook, LinkedinPinterest, and Twitter to receive new airdrops!

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