BitPay Rejects $100K Bitcoin Contribution to Amazon Rainforest Fire Charity

According to a twitter complaint posted on August 22, 2019, Amazon Watch, is breathing fire after their payment failed to pass BitPay’s internal checks. Amazon Watch is an organization that strives to support the Amazon rainforest’s ecology and indigenous.

BitPay rejected a $100,000 donation to an Amazon rainforest charity. The donor was trying to contribute due to the ongoing wildfires in the Amazon. Unfortunately, the transfer could not be completed in Bitcoin (BTC).

Kaul Advises Amazon Watch to Ditch BitPay for Better Alternatives

Software engineer Alex Kaul advised Amazon Watch to ditch BitPay for an open-source alternative that respects donors, such as BTCPay. He added that he recognized the irony of a 3rd party placing artificial limits on the public and decentralized Bitcoin network.

Amazon watch acknowledged the engineer’s advice in their twitter post, saying they would consider the switch.

The donation was supposedly blocked because Amazon Watch’s maximum payment limit was set at below $100k. BitPay advised the staff to change it, but they said that doing so was impossible automatically and that they must submit separate documentation.

Ongoing PR Nightmare for BitPay

The blocked Amazon wildfire contribution payment fuels the dubious reputation BitPay has built in recent years further. It seems like the occurrence promises to be a PR nightmare for the cryptocurrency processor.

For starters, hardly any Bitcoin wallets are compatible with BitPay’s accounts. Because of this, there have been significant headaches for users donating via the platform.

Furthermore, Bitcoin hardware wallet, TREZOR, ended its BitPay integration in OCT,2017. The hardware wallet ended the collaboration over what it termed as “playing games” with its API. TREZOR CTO, Pavol Rusnak, stated the following in a Twitter post at the time;

“We’re replacing BitPay exchange rates API in TREZOR Web Wallet because they plan to play games with the BTC ticker. Can’t tolerate this.”

Another blow to BitPay was when major exchange, Kraken, also announced it was halting its BitGo implementation. The announcement came around the end of October 2017.  Mike Belshe, the payment provider’s CEO, said the move to an alternative wallet system would help make their infrastructure more unified and easier to manage by users.

BitPay has a History of Technical Issues

BitPay has come under fire several times in the past over its user charges and technical issues. Such serious complaints have made the company lose several vital clients.

The company has also been accused of charging an extra fee on BTC transactions. BitPay does this to push users to choose Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Attempting to clarify on the matter, they explained that the reason BTC fees are presently high is that the network is suffering from heavy congestion. The congestion is caused by insufficient space on the platform to handle all transactions.

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