Color Shifter: blockchain-driven game gives $15,000 worth of prize pool in global competition!

A new, fun and crypto-earning android game – ‘Color Shifter’ has been introduced in the global blockchain gaming community by Vishal Studios. For people to connect, play and take back home crypto coins & other perks!


Color Shifter is an android game for crypto-gaming lovers who want to spend their free time doing something frolicsome.

Vishal Studios has announced that the participation of a clan of 10,000 active users will kick-start the game. The game players will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ACT, ETN, Heluss coins and vouchers. The idea is to connect a global string of happy players for fun and ‘earning crypto online’!

Official partners include Heluss, Achain, Crypto Gamers Community, Zecoex- exchange partner and Cryptoknowmics- media partner
Main attraction of the game is that the participants get to unlock ‘in-app purchases’ in order to increase the speed of the game and win it. This includes ‘balls’ and ‘power-ups’. These features add speed to the game and make you win the exciting rewards.

Winning participants won’t be left empty-handed. There is a total of upto $15,000 ‘winning price pool’ which make you want to play this fun game.
Participants can ask for redemption in crypto in their Zecoex exchange wallet address or personalized wallet addresses, leader board details can be seen on the website of our official media partner Cryptoknowmics.

Enroll, play and earn crypto-rewards!

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