Is BCH ABC/ BCH SV Hash-war coming to an end? Or, Satoshi Shotgun will decide!

Yesterday’s inevitable Bitcoin Cash hard fork namely, into BCH ABC and BCH SV has taken quite surprising turns!

With BCH ABC at the higher hash power than of the BCH SV, it seems like the ball will fall in the former block chain casket i.e., BCH ABC will be able to attack BCH SV and thereby, establish itself as a success.

With already been mined seven out of the produced eight blocks of BCH ABC (at the time of writing this article), the latter has been running a step ahead of Craig’s SV.

And now, has joined the hashing algorithm and is set to blow the hash rate and make a win.


Well! If we cast a glimpse on the other running horse of the race i.e., BCH SV, its supporting miners namely, Coingeek, n Chain and SV pool aren’t that bad.

Yesterday, after the fork, SV pool has mined four out of the five created blocks of Bitcoin SV. Miners such as Coingeek (SV pool) and n Chain are supporting the mining of this network.

It’s been quite a ‘hash competition’ between the two forked block chains since yesterday!

“In order to support the BCH ABC, has added 4 exahash into the Bitcoin Cash network.”

And, to reach to the mining standards of BCH ABC, BCH SV is sorting something out!

Craig S. Wright, the creator of BCH SV has to make sure that his target of acquiring 51% hash rate of the parent blockchain; Bitcoin Cash must be achieved. And, to match to the standards of Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Cash SV is set to launch ‘Satoshi Shotgun’ (probably, tomorrow).

Yeah! Its application will be as fascinating as its name.

What potential use this indifferent software can serve for BCH SV?

Satoshi Shotgun, if introduced tomorrow, inside the framework of the BCH SV, will enhance the block chain’s model and make it ‘adjustably competitive’ against the BCH ABC framework.

How so?

  • This software will bring ‘millions of small transactions’ to the created network of Bitcoin Cash SV, thus, maximising the block size, increasing the hash rate and we can say, working restlessly for securing a win (maybe).
  • Coingeek & nChain performing as active miner participants in the network are being surprisingly mischievous.
  • These miners by keeping the network unstable plans to loosen the interest, confidence and motive of investors.
  • And, tomorrow, the introduction of Satoshi’s Shotgun as a ‘necessary software’ has the capability to explode the entire Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin framework, as the miners’ report.
  • These miners of BCH SV wish to kick out any other miner, investor or trader. And, either rule or maybe, ruin the Bitcoin Cash entire network.

As, the BCH SV miners claims to rip out any one not following Satoshi’s vision including whole Bitcoin Cash protocol and any altcoin using SHA256 protocol as they believe all alts including forks and splits are act of war against Bitcoin.

With the advent of Satoshi’s Shotgun; this ‘Bitcoin Cash Fork’ can prove counter-productive for the entire Bitcoin community (if we put it like this)!

More grave outcome of this ‘deliberate action’ would be the pull of large number of interested investors, traders and miners from ‘Bitcoin Cash’ or say, ‘Bitcoin’ to the other capable, budding and more responsible block chain networks existing in the block chain community.

Is this the reason why the crypto market has been having a blood bath recently and would it spell doom for the crypto currency if Craig’s ‘Satoshi’s shotgun’ project is put into effect tomorrow!

Author Name : Jennifer Decosta, feature image by AGIO

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