Kingsland Will Partner With Tezos Foundation to Accelerate Training and Education Program

During the Crypto Summit organized by NASDAQ in New York City, a leading blockchain educational platform Kingsland announced that it is partnering with Tezos.

The partnership will bring the expertise and experience of Kingsland in blockchain curriculum development to Tezos to provide training and career placement solutions to solve the blockchain skills gap.

A Significant Collaboration on Wall Street

The NASDAQ hosted ‘Crypto Summit’ brought several visionaries from the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector to Wall Street, therefore, bringing traditional finance closer to the emerging world of DLT. The event marked a historical shift in the attitude of Wall Street towards the blockchain and crypto sector.

The event was attended by Jason King, the co-founder of Kingsland School of Blockchain who noted that the industry is facing critical challenges regarding adoption, capacity, and regulation. He said:

“The blockchain adoption rate at enterprise and government levels is growing extremely fast—expanding its footprint globally across multiple industries and economic sectors.”

He noted that blockchain has the potential to reshape economies and transform how business is done around the world.

Some initiatives are being launched to try to manage these pain points across the industry. Some are taking a regulatory approach while others work on skills development and capacity building. One of them is the Tezos Foundation, which recently announced a grants program that supports the training for 1,000 developers focused on Tezos ecosystem.

The Kingsland and Tezos Partnership

Kingsland will help Tezos in meeting its training goals using its unique curriculums and industry expertise. Founder and CEO of Kingsland, John Souza said:

“The Kingsland-Tezos partnership highlights the importance of industry-aligned training curricula and addresses the critical shortage of developers in the space. Working together we will ensure a future for blockchain and create thousands of career opportunities for developers around the world.”

Kingsland will now collaborate with developers who have worked on the Tezos mainnet and create a blockchain developer curriculum for the Foundation. The program will also be integrated with the existing blockchain engineering programs at Kingsland. Additionally, a series of global events like project incubation and hackathons will be organized around the world in 2019. Kingsland will also provide placement support to the students.

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Author: Viraj Shah

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