Largest Australian University Accepts Bitcoin in Exchange of PhD Program

Curtin University announced Cryptocurrency PhD program on July 23. It is the largest university in Western Australia with student population of over 5800.

Indeed, the program was designed by Curtin data scientists. It will enable companies and individuals to donate cryptocurrency to fund students. It will focus on Blockchain, data analytics and cyber security.

Nelnet international designed a crowd source payment system that uses web 3.0 to enable real-time peer-to-peer payments on both ETH and BTC. The company is a major partner in the launch of the PhD program. The school officials claim that the program will help popularize cryptocurrencies across the world as payment method.

Following the announcement, the university’s Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Excellence, professor Garry Allison says the fund is a great opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. He adds that it will grow a new generation of PhD graduates who will drive this new technology forward.

“By establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund, Curtin will provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs who have realized significant benefits from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to give something back to these communities,” noted Professor Allison.

Adoption of Blockchain And Bitcoin

Moreover, the fund will help wealthy cryptocurrency investors facilitate adoption and growth of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This will mainly be achieved by helping fund willing students who have interest on Blockchain. Even better, the most generous donors will be able to choose the specialty they are willing to support.

Furthermore, Nelnet international managing Director, David Heffernan expressed his excitement to partner with Curtin University and Centrality in offering Blockchain applications.

“Curtin continues to be a lead innovator in higher education and we are looking forward to accepting cryptocurrency through our payments platform to support this research initiative,” Mr. Heffernan said.

Interested parties and individuals who would like to donate to the fund can find details on the University’s site.

In conclusion

In recent times, higher education institutions like University of British Columbia and Dublin City University have started Blockchain technology programs. Back in 2013, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus started allowing students to pay fees in Bitcoin. This made it the first university to accept Bitcoin payment.

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