Particl unveils crypto-based online retail marketplace

On August 16th 2019, Particl introduced a new e-tail platform. The platform is based on cryptocurrency transaction platform that and does not require personal user information. Users can transact through PART crypto coin.

What is Particl Privacy Coin (PART)

PART is a native privacy coin, which allows users to transact online without divulging personal information to the online platform operator. It only requires shipping address and does not apply any commissions on any transactions. PART coin uses Particl platform tools and employs various degrees of privacy to accommodate all types of users. It is also built on bitcoin’s latest codebase, and benefits form bitcoin’s quality of stability and security. 

PART coin has three levels of security, which are public, blind, and anon. Public PART coin transactions are publicly auditable and offer the least amount of privacy. They are also the cheapest and employ PART default settings. Blind transactions are confidential and only visible to transacting participants.

The blind transaction is more expensive than the public and employs a middle-level privacy option. Anon transaction has the highest level of privacy settings. It hides both the blockchain identity of participants and the transactional amount. Anon is also the most expensive option. Particl is the first company to use anon technology.


Particl’s online crypto-based platform privacy and security policy

Particl’s decentralized marketplace is a disrupting platform, which uses the latest and most secure blockchain technologies to put bring into contact vendors and buyers utterly free of charge.  Particl provides security and privacy through its dual deposit escrow system. Each user-side adds PART coin as collateral into a smart contract that is released back to the users, free of charge, once both the two sides agree transaction is complete.

The escrow system is highly scalable as it requires no use of an intermediary and eliminates additional charges. Particl Protocol also redistributes all the listing fees generated on its marketplace platform to its global user’s network. The Particl marketplace protocol also makes data leaks impossible through its design and keeps all the transacting information and identities, only visible to the involved parties.

About Particl Open Source and Decentralized Privacy Platform

Particl is a blockchain technology designed specifically to work with any Cryptocurrency. Particl allows decentralized app (DApps) of all kinds to be built within a secure and highly scalable environment and be directly integrated into Particl’s official wallet known as the Particl Desktop. Their mission is to foster a new and decentralized economy that is private, democratic, and supported by the native currency PART.

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