Ukraine Power Plant Officials Accused \of Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is increasingly common around the world. But its abusive activity of state resources can lead to unpleasant consequences for miners.

Ukraine’s main law enforcement and counterintelligence agency Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), has discovered crypto mining equipment at the facilities of a nuclear power plant in Ukraine located in Yuzhnoukrainsk province. SBU detectives believe that plant officials are responsible for this unauthorized mining.

They have taken over six Radeon RX 470 GPU video cards, a motherboard, power supplies and extension cables, a USB and hard drive and cooling units.

Detectives found all the equipment in one office. This situation poses a security risk for the country as the power plant is a state secret and external computing equipment cannot enter the property.

The miners implemented the mining process by installing a connection to the power plant internet source.

SBU alleges that the internet connection for the mining operation represented a significant security risk for the power plant. Apparently, the plant’s operating information was leaked online. Plant systems remain offline.

Information has been tight regarding the type of cryptocurrencies that was extracted by the miners.

High energy consumption

Cheap electricity attracts cryptocurrency miners. This has turned to a problem for governments across the globe.

Recently, Iranian provincial police seized contraband mining equipment while conducting an investigation into network traffic.

Also last month, in China, police seized about 4,000 bitcoin mining machines which spiked an increase in local electricity use.

Similarly in June, Iranian police seized around 1000 bitcoin mining equipment due to energy problems.

There have also been issues regarding crypto mining in South America as there is no specific law regarding whether it is legal or not.

However, in countries like Venezuela where electricity is cheap, mining is regulated under local agencies.  Despite this, there have been complaints from miners within the country about extortion from state officials.


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