VeChain Foundation Reflects on 2018 and States Goals For 2019

Crypto prices had a tough time in 2018, but despite their disappointing performance, blockchain companies have made significant strides towards their goals, as noted in their year-end reviews.

VeChain Foundation also talked about the ‘phenomenal’ past year and its goals for 2019 in a new blog post.

Building Decentralized Ecosystems

The Foundation noted that its plan to build a decentralized business ecosystem remained the same in 2018, even though the market experienced a tumultuous year.

They said they had witnessed a growth of mainnet transactions and due to increased enterprise adoption and third-party developers on their VeChainThor blockchain.

They noted that professionals and business value would drive the next decade in blockchain along with enterprise adoption.

These factors will be important in shaping industry standards and regulatory environment.

In the last year, VeChainThor mobile wallet went live, the Foundation’s website also went online. VeForge Vault, VeChain Portal Beta and VeChainThor mainnet v 1.0.4 also went live.

What Are VeChain’s Goals for 2019?

The Foundation wrote that its mission in the New Year is to “grow the transactions with business value and build infrastructure services around the VeChainThor blockchain to facilitate mass adoption.”

It said that VeChain has been working to bring both small and large enterprises to public blockchains.

The project also believes that it has a deep understanding of what is needed to enable mass adoption of blockchains.

This year, they will help enterprises and individual developers leverage blockchain components.

The first step towards doing so will be focusing on enterprise applications and dApps for real-world business activities.

The Foundation intends to provide SDKs, developer documentation, tools and smart contract templates along with turnkey package templates.

These could be directed towards tokenized asset issuance, digital asset management wallets, and data storage.

It will also work towards expanding its partner network and help them become experts in VeChain technology.

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