Centrality is a graph theory term – a point in a decentralised system that unites to other points.

Likewise, our platform connects start-ups to foundational elements of their business operations. These points become the core structure that keep the business sound yet pliable.

Each connection makes the consumer experience richer and helps those businesses to scale faster. Overcoming and UNdoing the technology titans requires working together as a community.

So let’s do this. The Centrality way.


# Source Pair Price Volume(24h) Price(%) Updated
1 Zb CENNZ/USDT $0.0401 $161,599.68 % Recently
2 Hitbtc CENNZ/BTC $0.0381 $1,509.94 % Recently
3 Hitbtc CENNZ/ETH $0.0344 $1,412.09 % Recently
4 Livecoin CENNZ/ETH $0.0507 $56.10 % Recently
5 Livecoin CENNZ/BTC $0.0458 $28.72 % Recently