The Loki cryptocurrency creates a network of Service Nodes who are paid to propagate the blockchain, process transactions, and route traffic and messages on Lokinet.

Lokinet is a new type of mixnet that uses market-based Sybil attack resistance and onion routing to create a new private tunnel to the internet. Users of Lokinet will be able to access normal websites and SNApps without revealing their IP address.

SNApps are traditional web applications that sit inside Lokinet. As the host’s IP is never revealed, this provides great protection for the development of censorship resistant social media, marketplaces, information sharing sites, and other apps that depend on user and server anonymity.


# Source Pair Price Volume(24h) Price(%) Updated
1 Bittrex LOKI/USDT $6,115.1519 $59,847,943.20 % Recently
2 Bittrex LOKI/BTC $466.3347 $6,014,280.91 % Recently
3 Tradeogre LOKI/BTC $454.4955 $4,500,703.72 % Recently