Customers’ sensitive information is mission critical and protecting this information is a core tenet of any successful business. The Darcrus project will change the current way of business completely with our Jupiter blockchain in combination with decentralized applications. We can tailor applications to clients’ specific needs, like tracking, billing, accounting or authentication purposes, with fully customized GUIs. Information will be automatically encrypted and replicated in the Jupiter Nodal System (JNS). As every change will be recorded in the JNS, no one can modify the information unnoticed and no unauthorized person can read the encrypted information stored in the JNS.
Furthermore, the decentralization of their information will benefit businesses at the point of backups and data recovery. No frustrations and large investments, both time and money wise, anymore. And what to think about ransomware? Your mission critical information is always safe and to go back to pre-attack posture, just format your system, install a fresh OS, install the Jupiter client plus the custom software package, login, et voila!


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