MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T) is a precision time-value transmission network which enables the valuation of the time assets belonging to individuals and/or corporations. Utilizing the unique benefits derived from Blockchain technology and digital identity, the network can achieve the automated management of digitized time assets through the use of smart contracts. To facilitate this innovation, M.I.T has introduced TNB (a.k.a. Time New Bank) as the sole settlement token for transmitting the value of time commodity. M.I.T vision is to establish a time-value transmission network which encompasses the key principles of decentralization, internationalization, transaction flexibility, pricing transparency, and strong protection of rights.


# Source Pair Price Volume(24h) Price(%) Updated
1 Bigone TNB/ETH $0.0144 $53,750.43 7.75% Recently
2 Huobi Global TNB/USDT $0.0023 $47,193.27 % Recently
3 Huobi Global TNB/BTC $0.0023 $38,419.91 % Recently
4 Huobi Global TNB/ETH $0.0023 $33,720.46 % Recently
5 Bigone TNB/BTC $0.0069 $27,058.12 -4.71% Recently
6 Ethfinex TNB/ETH $0.0161 $26,182.65 -0.00% Recently
7 Ethfinex TNB/USD $0.0021 $4,413.10 0.00% Recently
8 Ethfinex TNB/BTC $0.0067 $1,907.70 -0.00% Recently