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1. is a fully decentralized platform built on TRON blockchain smart contracts.

2. Playing there takes place directly from the user's crypto wallet. Passwords and access to a personal wallet are not requested by the 888tron platform and are not saved.

3.Reward payments are instantly sent to the player’s wallet. The payout speed depends only on the network bandwidth TRON.

4.The player receives 888 tokens for every bet. The purpose of the 888 token is to receive dividends that are credited every 48 hours. Owners of 888 tokens receive 65% of all profits of the 888tron platform in the form of dividend payments.

5.The 888tron platform set a record among the DApps of all blockchains in payout. One-time dividend payments reached more than 250M TRX, which is more than $5.8M.

6. 888tron smart contracts and TRON blockchain showed stable operation without failures and errors. During peak loads, more than 40% of all TRON blockchain transactions belonged to 888tron platform (more than 30 transactions per second).

7. 888 platform is the only one which first launched crypto slots and makes unique decentralized games.

8. 888 platform is the winner of the Tron Network accelerator.


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