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Safe   Environment

  EOS.IO is safe & transparent, DICE games are all verifiable.
  We make every efforts to protect personal privacy.
  CHECKSUM - to ensure all games fairness.

Profit-Sharing  Payouts, Interest, and Trading

  Stake DICE token to receive hourly payouts of all tokens based on platform volume.
  Become a banker to receive interest on your deposit based on platform value.
  Buy, Sell, Hold and Trade DICE tokens on the open market to earn profit based on the growth and potential of the platform.

Freedom   Entertainment

  Provide a 3rd party game system to reduce barriers to entry on EOS, attracting more game developers to build apps on EOS
  Supported by multiple BPs, providing a fast & stable gaming platform.
  We will continue to improve and introduce new features. We will never stop.


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