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HireVibes connects jobseekers, employers, referrers and recruiters on a new job search platform (Dapp) that utilizes the EOS blockchain. HireVibes aims to disrupt the recruitment agency industry by leveraging peer referrals to fill open positions, creating a fair incentive model with reasonable hiring fees, and giving to a worthy cause everytime a role is filled through HireVibes.

It is free to post open positions on HireVibes, and employers can set their own reward level (Minimum 6% - Max 12%). 

When a candidate hired through the HireVibes Dapp?

1. 3.5?(9.5% if employers select 12% reward)is shared with the person hired for the role; if a peer referred the successful candidate, this 3.5% is split evenly between the referrer and hired individual.

2. 1% is donated to a charity?the successful candidate can select which humanitarian or environmental project he/she would like to support through the HireVibes Dapp.

3. 1.5% HVT reward to HireVibes DAC EOS Account for community voting?to burn or as bounties?


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