Meet 3,186 EMOJIs as Non-fungible Tokens. NFT Meets DeFi!

LIMITED NIFTYMOJIS: There will only ever be 3,186 Niftymojis published on the blockchain (based on OpenMoji 12.0)!

UNIQUENESS GUARANTEED: Each Niftymoji is engraved with a unique emoji and power+luck scores which are dynamically generated on-chain.

FAIR DISTRIBUTION: Niftymojis are distributed randomly as users purchase and mint a new MOJI. Lucky users will be able to mint a popular emoji with high Power and Luck scores!

FEELING LUCKY? If you’re feeling lucky, you can always re-generate your MOJI’s on-chain power and luck scores. Roll the dice to upgrade your MOJI!

DAILY MINING REWARDS: You can mine/earn MOJI Experience Points ($MEXP) Tokens every day for owning a MOJI! You can mine up to 10 MEXP per day for owning MOJIs.

PLAY TO EARN: MOJI Wars will be launched in Q2, 2020, allowing users to battle with one another using their MOJIs to earn Ether (ETH) and MOJI Experience Points (MEXP).

SCARCE MEXP: $MEXP will be used as fees to join battles and upgrade your MOJI. Fees as such are automatically burned!

NFT MEETS DEFI: Swap your earned $MEXP into ETH seamlessly through the UniSwap liquidity pool, guaranteeing that your experience is always worth something! 


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