Shuffle.Monster V3 [Ticker: SHUF]

???? How it works?

1) There were originally 1,010,101 SHUF created.

2) Each time SHUF is transferred, 2% of the transaction is charged this way: ???? - 1% of the transaction is destroyed (Burned), ???? - 1% is assigned randomly to one of the 512 Top Token Holders (Reward).

3) On each transaction a random holder (inside the top 512 holders) will have a reward of 1% of the transaction directly transferred to his address, making this a Stacking Currency by definition.

4) There will never be newly minted SHUF, so because of the constant burning, each day there is less SHUF, making this a Deflationary Currency by definition. 

?? At the end of the day, SHUF is just another social experiment, we are as curious as you, as where it will all go...

?? For Realtime Prices, Market Stats and Tokenomics data, please use our Shuffle Bot inside our Telegram Group. 


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