At its core, BUSTA DEX is a UniSwap clone built initially on BSC (soon to be on ETH and Polygon), with one major difference compared to other DEXs — instead of having the same swap fee for all tokens and burning the DEX’s native token from the fees, BUSTA DEX allows each token to choose its own swap fee and what that fee is used for: 1) Return to LP providers 2) Auto-burning of THEIR token, not the DEX’s native token 3) Auto-adding liquidity 4) Sending funds to the project’s treasury wallet

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Generative art NFTs that are fun!

our couch

Used couches living on the blockchain

mannys game is a contract based NFT collectible game where the objective is to mint The Golden Manny.

Non Fungible Heroes

A community led project by the @BoringBananasCo Own 3 Boring Banana NFTs to mint an NFH for free!

Sappy Seals

10,000 #NFT Sappy Seals are here to take over $ETH...


100% open-sourced and verified on tronscan.

dGenesis dGen Automatons

Announcing dGen Automatons - unique generative #NFT ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

CyberBabies io

Delivering the cutest babies in the NFT space.   

Nova Rally

Pick 2 Rally Drivers and 1 Car and enter into instant races on the WAX Blockchain. Completely Play to Earn, win races to increase your collection size

Omnimorphs V2

10.000 unique, digitally hand-drawn Omnimorphs